How to Recover Data from Crashed Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista?

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Windows Crashed! How to recover files? The segment is here that provide steps to recover/restore data from crashed Windows OS and tricks to prevent further Windows OS crash as well as data loss. When data is lost after Windows crash, do not worry, follow the guide properly and apply CubexSoft Data Recovery Software for Windows to restore crash Windows data immediately.


“Yesterday, my Windows suddenly crashed and stopped working. I tried everything to fix it but failed everytime. Now, I am planning to send laptop to service center. But, before doing the same, I want to extract my files, they are very important for me and I cannot afford to lose them. Does anybody knows a solution to recover data from crashed Windows?

Windows Crashed! How to Recover Files?

Number of users does not have a good experience of Windows crash. It usually occurs with serious issues, shows blue/black screen or OS will not start.

The first and foremost task is to get the system back in a healthy state. However, it seems quite impossible for users who are daily using Windows for their work, as they barely know OS repair. Now, the question comes, is it possible to recover data from crashed Windows system?

But, do not need to worry, follow the below steps mentioned and help yourself out:

Solution 1. Recover data from crashed Windows by using All-in-One Data Recovery Software.

Solution 2. Prevent Windows OS and data from crash.

Solution 1. Restore Data from Crashed Windows OS using Recovery Tool

Recovery of data from crashed Windows is easy if already having a backup from which it become possible to restore the data. But, in case of not having a backup, no worries, the perfect recovery tool is here to help you out. Here, the powerful utility help to perform successful recovery from crashed Windows when computer not able to boot properly.

Follow the steps and check how to recover data from crashed Windows 10:

Step 1. At first, download and open the recovery tool on the system.

Step 2. Now, the tool shows four types of recovery options i.e. Deleted, Formatted, Partition and Create Disk Image. Choose the desired recovery option and continue.

Restore permanently deleted files

Step 3. The next screen displays Physical Disks, Logical Drives and Disk Image.

Complete Hard Disk Recovery

  • Physical Disk – It includes four hard disk partitions i.e. Partition 1/2/3/4. Select one by one for file recovery after Windows crash.
  • Logical Drives – It includes different drives present in the system i.e. Local Disk (C:), New Volume (E:) and Virtual PC (F:). You can choose the desired one and allows the tool to scan a particular drive and retrieve the data from the same.
  • Disk Image – By clicking on it, you can provide the desired path and facilitate the software to extract the lost data from it.

After choosing the desired option, click Next.

Step 4. The tool will analyse deleted files and folder and after the process is done, a message will appear on the screen “If you unable to find the lost files/folder in the directory tree. Please choose another recovery option”. Now, the software shows another screen, displaying each folder and file of chosen disk/drive with checkboxes on left pane. Moreover, there is Preview window added on the right side of the app that can be used to view the data of particular file.

Choose File Formats

Step 6. Select the desired folder/file and click on Save button to recover the same.

Note: Save Log feature helps to skip analysis process and displays data faster at later stage. And, Search will help to find the desired file from the system.

After specifying the desired path, software will then store recovered files in the same ease of access.

Solution 2. Prevent Windows OS and Data from Crash

Here are some methods that help people in resolving crashing issues. You do not need to try them all, just work your way down the list until everything is working again.

Disconnect External Drives:

If there is any external drive connected to the computer, there is a possibility of crash of Windows system because a problem arise in communication between device and Windows 10 system.

It is recommended to disconnect/unplug external devices like Bluetooth, SSD, headset, then again start the system to see if it is working in fixing the crash issue of Windows.

If computer crashing stops, it means problem is resolved. Then, one can connect external device at a time, also reboot the system to locate the cause.

Turn Off Link State Power Management

Link State Power Management is PCI Express option that is a part of PCI-E specification and it works with active state power management. There is a possibility that something is not right with power management in the system, so it is better to turn off Link State Power Management. Follow the steps and check how to do it:

  1. Go to Control Panel via search box on the desktop and click Control Panel to open the same.
  2. Now, click Power options (make sure to view Control Panel by small icons or large icons).
  3. Click the option Change advanced power settings.
  4. Power Options box will appear scroll down and double-click PCI Express.
  5. Double-click the option Link State Power Management and change setting status to Off.
  6. At last, click on Apply and OK to save settings.

Start your computer again and fix Windows OS crashing issue.

Update Available Drivers

You can manually update the drivers by navigating to manufacturer website of your hardware device, find the latest driver that is compatible with operating system, then download and install it on the system. This needs time and computer skills.

Run System File Checker

System File Checker or SFC is in-built Windows utility that scans the corrupted system files and repair the same. If there are any stored corrupted system files, the system will crash without second doubt. So, one should run SFC to fix the problem. To perform the same:

Go to search box and type cmd. Now, right-click on Command Prompt if using Windows 7. Select Run as administrator and hit Yes to validate UAC.

Now, type sfc / scannow in command prompt and hit Enter.

Windows start verification process, verify system files and fix associated issues automatically.

After verification process completes, exit from Command Prompt and try to launch an app that was giving error.

Check for Malware & Virus

Malware and virus are main reasons for system crash. Thus, it is important to run full scan by using reliable Anti-virus software.

With Windows Defender, try also third party anti-virus such as McAfee or Norton.

If the problem detects, follow the instruction provided by anti-virus program carefully, then again restart the system.


The blog has discussed advance recovery solution that can help in providing the solution of how to recover data from crashed Windows 10 or other editions. Try the free demo of the tool that will give you the sneak peek of how it works as well as features it possesses. In addition, it is recommended to take backup of your data time to time to avoid data loss issue.