Instagram Account Hacked – Tips & Tricks to Protect Insta from Hackers

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Instagram is a social media application that allows the user for sharing, editing, uploading videos, images, music files, etc. It is one of the most popular social media app similar to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Instagram provides a platform to promote your business. A user switches to a business account to market their products, services and can easily target an interesting audience.

We all love to share our videos and images with our friends but what happens when you find your Instagram account hacked. It is the most terrible situation as our social media account has almost all the information. In this blog, my intention is to provide methods that can help in taking you out from this situation. You need to follow these steps for getting your Instagram account to get back to you.

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Working Steps to Get Your Instagram Account Back

STEP 1. Change Your Password

When you find any difficulty during login your Instagram account, also if your screen shows that you enter a wrong password, this means your password is changed by someone else. You have to simply click on forgot password to get back your Instagram account.

After click on forget password> enter your email address> open your email account. Your Instagram account provides a link for reset the password click on it, change your password but make sure this time your password should be stronger one.

The following steps will only be applicable if someone changes your password only, otherwise, this step will not helpful for you. You need to follow another step which is mentioned below.

Step 2. Hacked Due to Authorized Application

An authorized application may also be the reason for hacking. These applications appear on the main page of your Instagram account profile. You need to uninstall these applications that you wrongly install it or due to another reason.

You have to simply go to your profile > click on the authorized application and simply uninstall it. Now you will not find any difficulty while login to your Insta account.

Step 3. Restore Your Hacked Account

If a hacker has changed all your information email address, password, and phone number. Now it is more difficult now to restore your hacked account. It takes a lot of time and effort.

If someone tries to change your email address or some other information, your Instagram account definitely sends an email to your registered email to set a password which is done by a hacker not by you.

  • Go to the login screen on your mobile devices.
  • Click on Get help sign in that option will appear on an android phone, or tab forgets password on IOS mobile.
  • Now choose an email address or phone number to get a login link and click on next.
  • Once you receive a login link follow the on-screen instruction which is provided by an Instagram security team.
  • Once a request is submitted, the Instagram security team will provide a photo of you with a security code on your email address.
  • Now you have to select which type of device you use for the sign up to Instagram account.
  • Once these steps are done the Instagram provides you a special instruction to get back your Insta hacked account.

Step 4. Make Sure This Time Your Account Not Hacked Again

You need to follow steps to make sure that your Instagram account not to be hacked again.

Choose a strong password

A user must choose a strong password which means the password is not common and relatable to you, otherwise if you choose a common password it will make easier for a hacker to hack your Instagram account.

A strong password includes a long character at least more than 8, contains a special character (upper case and lower case) and numbers (1, #, @, *).

Change Your Password Regularly

If you set a strong password but even you should change your password every two months.

Turn on Two Factor Authentication

Turn on two-factor authentication provides user extra security so that nobody can access your account. Two-factor authentication is similar to an online payment that you do with your debit or credit card. You provide card details as well as you receive a verification code on your mobile phone number.

2FA also provides verification code on your mobile number at the time of login to your Instagram account. 2FA makes hackers much harder to access your account.

Enable two-factor authentication by navigating to your Profile, click on Settings, select Privacy and Security, set Two-Factor Authentication and Get Started.

You can choose a text message or an authentication option.


We are hoping that you find this article helpful. In this blog, we provided you every essential detail that you need to follow when your Instagram account hacked with safety measures so that it will never have happened again.