How to Move MDaemon to New Machine or Operating System?

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Follow the below steps that will help to migrate MDaemon to new machine without affecting configuration settings or users.

To move MDaemon to new system, then make sure MDaemon not running as a service. To perform the same, implement the below steps:

Step 1. Go to Setup.

Step 2. Select Preferences

Step 3. From the left, select Windows Service.

Step 4. Click Remove Service.

Step 5. Hit OK.

Step 6. Now, deactivate MDaemon and in case, if using SecurityPlus, click Help.

Step 7. Select Activate your Alt-N software.

Step 8. Choose Deactivate your MDaemon Software.

Step 9. Check-out the prompts in the wizard that appears.

Step 10. Hit Finish.

Step 11. Repeat steps for SecurityPlus. If exists, under Deactivate your SecurityPlus software.

Step 12. Go to Windows Explorer and move to MDaemon directory.

Step 13. Take backup of entire directory and make a note of directory where MDaemon is installed.

Step 14. Copy the whole MDaemon directory from the old machine to new machine.

Step 15. Download the same version of MDaemon that you were using earlier.

Step 16. Install into the same directory in a new machine as it was installed earlier in old machine.

Note:  You must install into the same directory. If you launch MDaemon into another directory, it will lead to a new installation and not preserve all of your settings.

Step 17. Start MDaemon by navigating to:

Step 18. Click Start.

Step 19. Go to Programs.

Step 20. Hit MDaemon.

Step 21. Hit Start MDaemon.

Step 22. Now, activate MDaemon on new machine:

Step 23. Hit Help.

Step 24. Choose Activate your Alt-N software…

Step 25. Choose Activate your MDaemon software.

Step 26. Now, activate MDaemon using Activation Wizard.

Step 27. From MDaemon menu bar:

Step 28. Go to Setup.

Step 29. Select Preferences.

Step 30. From the left, choose Windows Service.

Step 31. Click Install Service button.

Step 32. Hit OK.

Added Comments

The instructions can also performed to move MDaemon to new operating system.

If SecurityPlus or Outlook Connector installed on the previous machine, then you require to download and install the same after MDaemon is entirely moved over. All the settings for each of those programs already maintained from when you copied the MDaemon files over.

If you do a change in IP address(es) to move MDaemon, MDaemon.ini files, Domains.dat, and/or Gateways.dat, it will need to be updated with the new IP address(es). They could be found in MDaemon\App directory.