How to Import SBD Files into Outlook from Mozilla Thunderbird?

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Import Thunderbird SBD to PST for Windows Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 with Attachments

SBD file is the Sub Directory files in Mozilla Thunderbird that helps to keep the email message in the folder or a directory format. In the Mozilla Thunderbird, all sub-folder or sub-directory are designed in the .sbd file format. Each and every email files, attachments of the account are saved in the subdirectory that can be accessed or viewed at a single place. To know how to import SBD files into Outlook from Mozilla Thunderbird is very easy because all the emails are at a single place. Therefore, a user does not require to find an individual email to be converted from Thunderbird to PST Outlook.

The Thunderbird’s option of the message filter is used to keep messages of the individual. So, it becomes very simple to see or convert all those SBD. Mozilla Thunderbird inbox.sbd folder includes the saved inbox emails and the detail exists in .msf and .mbox file format. To more clear MSF file save indexes of emails whereas the MBOX file includes the content of email messages. Therefore, to convert the files of sub-directory users can refer to this post.

Manually Import Thunderbird SBD to PST Outlook

To export all the sub-directory files into Outlook, a user need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, go to the installed location of your Thunderbird account. By default Thunderbird location is: C:\Users\Windows\username\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\Profile name\
  2. Now open the folder and you will see Inbox.sbd folder it.
  3. Next, you will see all the sub-directory files there, cop those files and save it to the desktop.
  4. After that, in MS Outlook email application, go to the File menu and then click on the Open.
  5. Click on the Import option, and then on the Import and Export Wizard to import SBD files into Outlook.
  6. Now choose all the files which you saved on Desktop and click on the Next button.
  7. After that, check if the imported mailbox of Mozilla Thunderbird is in the Microsoft Outlook or not.

Now you will notice that the new location of the Mozilla Thunderbird SBD files is the Outlook email account.

Note: The above-described solution is no longer supported in Microsoft Outlook. Now users require to save all the Thunderbird files into EML file format from within the Thunderbird interface. After that, import the saved EML files into Outlook by drag-n-drop feature.

How to Import SBD Files into Outlook? – With Third-Party Tool

The manual process that we have enclosed to convert sub-directory to Outlook will take lots of time. It may be thinkable that the inbox.sbd may get damaged or corrupted and the entire data of the inbox may not be received. In that situation, a user can import Thunderbird SBD to PST Outlook simply using the third-party or an automated tool.

One of the best and highly recommended tools that we came across is the Thunderbird Converter, which will export the sub-directory file to Outlook very simple. The amazing part of this tool gives the option to automatically load the Thunderbird files and convert into Outlook. And you can also use the option to manually select Thunderbird SBD files to export them into PST Outlook. It offers some advanced facilities that are – Split large sized PST file in MB or GB, advanced filters such as – date, to, from, cc, bcc, and subject for achieving selective SBD files to Outlook conversion. A user can quickly import Thunderbird SBD to PST with complete and exact folder structure & email attributes.

Steps to Import SBD to Outlook PST with Error-Free

  1. Download & run Thunderbird to PST software on your Windows PC.
  2. Choose the Emails option, and select the option between import default configured Thunderbird mailboxes, and let me choose Thunderbird SBD files saved individually. Then, click on the Next.
  3. Now select File Mode or Folder Mode to choose SBD files for importing into the PST file. Then, press on the Next
  4. After that, view the live preview of every selected SBD mail before starting the SBD to PST conversion.
  5. Now hit on the Next and choose PST (MS Outlook) option to import Thunderbird SBD to Outlook PST file. After that press on the Next.
  6. Now make use of Split PST option, and advance filters according to your need. And then, click on Browse and choose a destination path for saving resultant files.
  7. Click on Export to start the conversion from SBD to PST. You can view the live progress during the import procedure.
  8. Within a few minutes, a message will immediately show i.e. Conversion Completed. Then, click on the OK to achieve the process.

The Concluding Words

In this part, we have concealed the method that will help you importing SBD files into MS Outlook PST files. Thunderbird sub-directory files include all the data of a certain folder. We have discussed both the manual as well as a professional solution that will allow you to rid out of the issue of how to import SBD files into Outlook. However, one can export Thunderbird SBD to Outlook account manually, it can be an effortless method. As a professional person, I would suggest you import Thunderbird SBD to PST using an error-free Thunderbird Converter software.