How to Import Outlook PST to Entourage MBOX without Any Problem?

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Outlook and Entourage are popular email client that gives services to users for emails, calendars, contacts, journals, and task management. There is a difference between Outlook and Entourage is they use different files to save their database. Outlook saves their file PST format in Windows and Entourage has MBOX file format in Mac. So, before explaining how to import Outlook PST to Entourage we discuss the two important terms in brief i.e. Outlook PST and Entourage.

Microsoft Outlook Application?

Outlook is an email client designed by Microsoft that provides a feature for users to send and receive e-mail from one system to another machine. Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook are two versions of Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is a commercial product existing in a stand-alone version or the chunk of the Microsoft Office package. This program is a much fuller program with well corporate support and extra characteristics not found in the free version.

Entourage Application?

Entourage is the perfect email client and personal information manager that was established by Microsoft, especially for Mac OS 8.5 and later versions. Microsoft first released the Entourage application in October 2000 as a part of the Microsoft Office 2001 office suite; Office 98, the previous version of Microsoft Office for the classic Mac OS included Outlook Express 5. The previous version was Entourage is: Mac 2008, part of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, launched on January 15, 2008. Entourage was renamed by Outlook for Macintosh in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, released on October 26, 2010.

Automated Tool to Import PST File to Entourage without Outlook

CubexSoft PST to MBOX Converter Tool is a perfect alternative to the freeware manual and other offline methods of Outlook to Entourage migration. The application is endowed with numerous features that make the task easier.

The software also offers its users to export their important emails, meta header, formatting, and attachments from PST to Entourage without losing any data during the procedure. The PST to Entourage has been designed by a group of skilled professionals who have vast experience in working on various such applications.

The Outlook to Entourage software has been specifically designed for users so that they can convert multiple files at a single time.

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Manual Approach- to Export Outlook Email to Entourage

Now I will explain to you a manual method to export Windows Outlook PST email to Mac Entourage MBOX. But before to regulate the complete procedure, make sure to take a backup of duplicate PST files and perform the task on the duplicated PST files. Because it’s a big decision to manually export Outlook email to Entourage. This all procedure depends upon the user and not 100% chance of successfully done. So, don’t try the procedure on original PST files it might lose your complete database of Outlook. Some steps are given below to export Outlook email to Entourage:

Synchronizing procedure of IMAP mail account with Windows Outlook

First, you have to make an IMAP mail account and the best option to create an IMAP account is Gmail. To export Outlook email to entourage first you have to synchronize your IMAP account with Windows Outlook. So, the following steps are given below:

  1. First, fill in the details and login into your Gmail account. Then, press on Gear button on the top on the right-hand side.
  2. In the scrolled-down list, press the Settings button to go to the settings page.
  3. Now, click the Labels tab from the top side of the page. And press and Create new label button to create a new label.
  4. When a new label is created, go to your Windows Outlook account and press Send/Receive button for updating an IMAP mailbox.
  5. During the process of generating a new label, ensure that the label is shown and the Show in IMAP box is checked.

Transfer emails and other mailbox data to IMAP mailbox folder 

After the process of IMAP Mail account synchronized with your Windows Outlook, you have to transfer all the mailbox data PST file to the IMAP mailbox folder. So, follow some steps are given below:

Note: Don’t open Microsoft Outlook client on your system.

  1. Open your Outlook account and go to the control panel and search for Mail. After this press on data files.
  2. Now, choose the IMAP account and press on the open folder that holds the PST files.
  3. Transfer the PST files to the desired location. Make sure the file name remains the same as before. Now, Microsoft Outlook will create a fresh file at the default location. If you tried to rename the PST file, then the file only moved.
  4. After this, shift to the Data Files window and twice-click the account’s data file.
  5. You will get an error can’t find. So, tell Outlook to find it. With this, you can close whole the dialog box and restart your Outlook.

Transfer data of IMAP mailbox folder to Entourage

Now, the final step in which you need to transfer complete data from the IMAP mailbox folder to Entourage. Make the same IMAP email account for Mac Entourage, then drag all the IMAP mailbox folder database to Entourage Inbox folder.


After the above discussion of the manual technique to import Outlook PST to Entourage be aware of the limitations of the manual approach because I can’t say it’s really beneficial for you. Most of the time this technique will fail because sometimes it causes human error and can waste your time and energy. It can corrupt the whole PST database. So, I think you should go with the professional approach given by experts is PST Converter. It is a 100% reliable solution to export Outlook email to Entourage with more benefits. Try free Outlook PST Converter that can be accessed on all Windows editions and Mac OS.