How to Import Outlook Data File to Windows Live Mail- Step by Step Tutorial

Ritu Roy | Email Conversion How to's Outlook Software Technology | 4 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

Nowadays, email client applications have become the most common means for the purpose of cross-interaction and exchange of crucial data. It gets forth a huge range of functionality for its users making it easier to open the email data items. Moreover, as per the user’s demand or need, they sometimes want to move and switch from one to another platform. One of the most emerging queries nowdays is to import Outlook data file to Windows Live Mail. This is a challenging tasks for users, so, not easy to perform. However, it will not be complicate from onwards as in forthcoming section of this blog, we will a remarkable solution to migrate Outlook PST file to Windows Live Mail EML format. Before, let us discuss some important information about Outlook and Windows Live Mail, along with the conversion reasons.

An Overview- MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail

MS Outlook- It is a most popular and common email client application, which does not necessity any introduction. This is due to the fact, that several users or organizations use Microsoft Outlook at the present time. It is desktop-based email application, developed by the suite of Microsoft. Numerous companies access this email application for the maintenance of business stability. It can even work with Microsoft SharePoint Server & Exchange Server synchronization. Also, users can manage the calendars, meetings, shared mailboxes, and folders. It supports .pst file format.

Windows Live Mail- It is a freeware email application, which is provided by Microsoft. It is mainly an update of the older edition of Outlook Express & Windows Mail with some additional and beneficial features added to it. This is platform can be opened into Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 10. Moreover, it comes up some improved features such as enable searches of sender, viewing emails instantly, calendar, title/content of the email, at the time when user is offline.

Now, we have understood that both email clients are equally important. Both have different functionality, but different interface, features, and compatibility. Now, let us know the reasons that arises the need of Outlook to Windows Live Migration.

Responsible Factors- Convert Outlook PST File to Windows Live Mail

There are number of reasons, which are responsible for the migration process of Outlook to Windows Live Mail:

  • One of the reasons behind this is the moving of an individual user from one email client to another. This situation is possible if a user changes the organization and wants the emails from Outlook to Windows Live Mail.
  • Another reason for migration is the flexible nature of EML format. It is a format, which is supported by multiple email clients apart from Windows Live Mail. Some of these supported email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat! Apple Mail, MailCOPA, and etc.
  • It is possible when MS Outlook users get some EML files from clients or from anyone. Now, they cannot open it in Outlook and therefore, searches for the solution of migration from Outlook PST file to EML format.

Manual Solution for Outlook PST Files to EML Conversion

The upcoming process in this manual method looks like complicate to execute. But you just need some patience and follow the steps for PST Files to EML migration. Before starting the process make sure you have taken backup of your files and keep in a safe location.

Now follow the step-by-step process:-

Step 1. Download and Install Mozilla Thunderbird email client application on your machine

Step 2. Now, make a new mail account or select and existing one. I have setup my Gmail account

Step 3. After this, configure manually by, providing incoming (IMAP) and Outgoing (SMTP) server address and SSL port number for web account. Now, configure my account with Gmail.

Step 4. Wait a minute the mails are synchronized from the web account. After that, Go to Tools and choose the Import option.

Step 5. Now, choose the type of material to import, if you want to choose mail file only then select mail and click the Next button.

Step 6. Choose the Outlook and press the Next button

Step 7. Now, mail importing process may take a bit of time for completing.

Step 8. Finally, the import process has been successfully completed. Then click Finish button.

Step 9. Now, choose the Outlook import from left side and mail folder (Inbox). And select the all mails and choose “Save As” button by right clicking of mouse.

Step 10. Identify the location folder path to store output EML file. Find the converted EML files from windows explorer.

Hope so, you have successfully implemented Outlook PST file to EML conversion without any problem and damage to the original mailbox items.

Why Does Manual Solution Fail?

This manual method involves some complicated steps where users may get problem, and of course this process is a time consuming task and confusing process.  It is a very lengthy process. This manual solution lacking a lot of features which you can find only in smart specialised tools available in the online market.

Choose Professional Tool for Outlook PST File to Windows Mail EML Format

If you are looking for a solution to convert Outlook mails to Windows Live Mail via a professional software, I will suggest you to try PST to EML Converter software. This application is programmed and developed meticulously for those users, who want to reliable solution. PST to Windows Live Mail EML conversion software also provide an advanced and amazing features which you hardly find in any software. This is an application, which is designed to make the task of Outlook to Windows Live Mail EML format conversion convenient. It has ability to perform this tasks in bulk conversion. Users need to follow a few simple steps to perform entire tasks.