How to Fix Corrupted Gmail OST File Issue? – {Resolved}

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fixing a corrupted Gmail OST file

Millions of users worldwide utilize the well-known email provider Gmail. It offers a number of features that facilitate and expedite email conversation. But occasionally, users could run into technological problems that annoy them and interfere with their work. A damaged OST file is one issue that Gmail users frequently encounter. Numerous factors, including an abrupt power outage, malware attacks, or incorrect synchronization, may cause this. You can lose data from an OST file corruption, and it could even keep you from accessing your Gmail account. However, there are simple troubleshooting techniques that will quickly assist you in fixing a corrupted Gmail OST file.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the top techniques for data recovery and Gmail account restoration. These pointers will come in helpful and spare you the headache of misplacing your emails and other crucial data, whether you’re an individual user or a corporate professional. Let’s get started and discover how to solve a corrupted Gmail OST file like an expert!

Causes of the Corrupted and Inaccessible Gmail OST File

OST files can occasionally become corrupt or unusable for a variety of reasons. Let’s examine a few typical causes:

  • Outlook imposes restrictions on the size of files. The OST file may become corrupted or cause performance problems if it exceeds the maximum limit.
  • An unreliable or incompatible add-in may impair Outlook’s functionality and result in corrupted OST files.
  • Outlook shuts down incorrectly or with force.
  • Sudden shutdown of the computer when opening an Outlook or OST file.
  • Hardware malfunctions, fails, or has other problems.
  • Corrupted profile in Outlook.
  • Outdated edition of Outlook.

Symptoms of a Damaged Gmail OST File

Now that we are aware of the sources of corrupted Gmail OST files, let’s explore a few symptoms that may help you in determining whether your own OST file is corrupted. These symptoms include:

  • Error Notifications – You can see problem warnings like “The file is corrupted” or “Cannot open your default email folders” when attempting to access your Gmail account.
  • Absent Information – You can find that parts of your emails or other data are missing due to a corrupted OST file.
  • Slow Performance A corrupted OST file may be the cause of your Gmail account’s slowness or unresponsiveness. This could mean that the file is taking a longer time to load or isn’t loading at all.

How to Fix Corrupted Gmail OST File Error? – 4 Easy Methods

The following list contains the 4 simplest ways to resolve corrupted Gmail OST file issues. Use these detailed instructions to repair corruption.

#1. Create a New Outlook Profile

Outlook profiles can occasionally become corrupted, making the Gmail account inaccessible. You can make a new Outlook profile in such a situation. Take the following steps in order to accomplish this:

  • Open the Control Panel and choose Mail.
  • Add Outlook by tapping on Show Profiles.
  • Click OK after entering the profile name.
  • The creation of the new Outlook profile is completed.
  • Launch Outlook, choose File, then Add Account.
  • Enter your account’s Gmail address and click Connect.
  • Input your Gmail password by clicking Next.
  • After giving the message, a thorough read, choose Allow > Done.
  • Locate Gmail emails in the Folder Panel after restarting Outlook.

#2. Turn Off Gmail 2-Step

When logging into an email account on a new device or email client, Google Mail requests two-step verification. If you want to use your Gmail account on any device or email client, you must follow this protocol. Verification must be enabled in order to resolve the corrupted OST file issue with Gmail.

In this manner, Outlook will utilize an app-specific password to address the issue without difficulty and cease synchronizing the OST file with the Gmail server.

#3. Make use of MSRA, or Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant.

Microsoft offers an exclusive tool called Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (MSRA) to help with problems with Windows and Microsoft apps. It can be used to troubleshoot issues with Microsoft programs, such MS Outlook. The following are the steps to use this tool:

  • Start your system’s tool.
  • Click Next after selecting Outlook for advanced diagnostic.
  • After selecting the diagnostic option, click Next.
  • Click Next after selecting Yes to proceed.

To solve the problems with the OST file, follow to the directions and make use of the available options.

#4. Recreate the OST File

Rebuilding the OST file is an option if it is destroyed or corrupted. Look over the actions listed below:

  • Locate the OST file after quitting Outlook. The OST file is located at %localappdata%/Microsoft/Outlook by default.
  • To create a backup, copy the default OST file to a another drive or folder.
  • Next, restart Outlook after deleting or renaming the default OST file.
  • Outlook will now synchronize the mailbox contents from the server and produce a new OST file.

Check the mail items after reconstructing the OST file. Use an OST to PST Converter program, like CubexSoft OST Converter, if you discover any missing mail items. With the help of this sophisticated software, you can store the mail items you extract from the backup OST file in PST.

Final Thoughts

You can quickly resolve a corrupted Gmail OST file by using the troubleshooting techniques described in this post, which can be rather irritating to deal with. You can restore your data and get your Gmail account back up and running with these methods, regardless of whether you use Microsoft Outlook or another email software. To avoid corrupted OST files in the future, always remember to periodically backup your data and keep your computer up to date. By following these guidelines, you can make sure that your Gmail account is always safe and open.