Few Tips on How to View, Open & Read MSG Files in Different Ways & Methods

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“.msg” files are generally created to save Outlook related items in the Windows file system but you do not necessarily require Outlook to view them. However, these files are based on the compound binary file format which are not viewable easily through normal editor.

So, in the following discussion we have provided multiple scenarios which will help you out in reading and viewing .msg file data. In the first method, we will discuss about how to open .msg files through special free viewer application, in second method we will focus on opening .msg file with Outlook and the third process will give the precise method to users that helps to convert MSG files to PDF.

Method 1. Open MSG Files using Free File Viewer


In the first method, we will highlight a third party application which enable readers to view .msg files in a proper way. With the help of simple text editors such as Notepad which will display the information in the form of garbled characters because .msg files are mainly a format supported by MS Outlook. There are number of free applications available that can be used for viewing MSG file data and one of the remarkable and most used software is MSG Viewer.

With the help of this utility, users can load the required .msg files on the software, click on the email file and all its preview will appear on Preview pane. Moreover, if you want to save the attachments of MSG, then a separate Save Attachments option is available. By clicking this button you can save attached files of MSG in the required folder or you can also create a new folder for the same. All the formatting and other properties will remain safe and accurate throughout the process.

Method 2. Accessing MSG Files in MS Outlook


MSG file is the format used by MS Outlook to store single emails. So, there is no requirement to perform any additional steps but at times users face an error message when try to view them in Outlook:

Can’t open filename \location\filename.msg. The file exists, you don’t have an access to open it, or it may be open in any other text editor. Right-click the MSG file folder, click Properties to check the permissions to access the folder.”

In this method, we have provided two sub methods that will help in dealing with the issue and allows to open MSG files in Outlook.

Sub – Method 1: Update MS Outlook (If you are working on Outlook 2016)

Many times, a simple update of the software can fix all the errors. Follow the process mentioned:

  1. Open MS Outlook application in the system.
  2. Go to File >> click on Account >> select Update Options >> click Update Now.

Once the process completes, update will start immediately and once it is finished, start your machine again and then you will be able to open and read MSG file.

Sub – Method 2: Set the File Settings as Read Only

The update can fix an error but if not, then there is another procedure you can try. In this you can set the file setting to read only. This will be most relevant if you are keeping the files on a shared folder which can be accessible by multiple users. In such situation, Outlook can put a lock on your file and will then not provide the accessibility to other users available on the network.

  1. Go to the location where .msg files are saved, right-click on it and select Open with Outlook.
  2. From General tab, select the check box appearing next to Read Only in the Attributes.
  3. Click on the File option of Outlook.
  4. Click on Account >> Select Update options >> Click Update Now.

If you are having number of MSG files, then you need to repeat the steps as mentioned.

Method 3. Converting Multiple MSG Files to PDF


In this method, we will discuss the way to convert .msg files to PDF because PDF is universally accepted format and easily viewable. No Outlook platform is needed, you can directly copy all MSG file data in PDF without facing any problems. Many advance options available and one is MSG to PDF Tool. The software is cost-effective, does not require any platform to perform the process and batch convert MSG files folder to PDF in seconds with exact and precise data.