How to Convert & Import OST to Thunderbird Directly?

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One can make use of Mozilla Thunderbird for various benefits. Thus, lot of users these days are moving their data to Thunderbird from another platform. Thunderbird is popularly known for simple interface and provides heaps of features such as large file management, channel chat, Mail account setup Wizard and many more. These features pressurized Outlook users to try Thunderbird for once. Therefore, several users are now moving OST to Thunderbird email application.

In the segment, we have discussed entire solution that can help to import OST file to Thunderbird. After reading the entire post, you will be able to migrate OST file to Thunderbird. The process to transfer OST data to Thunderbird is not so simple if you are planning to do this manually. So, the blog has suggested third party automated OST Converter Tool.

Reliable & Cost-Effective Application – OST to Thunderbird

Moving OST data to Thunderbird is no more complicated now. There are many direct tools available with the help of which a user can directly migrate OST file to Thunderbird. One such recommended and easy to use application is OST to Thunderbird Tool. It is completely safe to use and performs the entire conversion process with complete security. Moreover, the process of importing OST file to Thunderbird is not tiresome any more with this tool. In order to migrate Outlook OST to Mozilla Thunderbird, it can be easily executed with OST to Thunderbird Tool. The application provides the option to generate log for messages that can not be converted. OST to Thunderbird Tool is easily suitable for both technical and novice users. IT skills are not necessary to operate the steps of the tool. Download FREE OST to Thunderbird Tool now to check the performance of the application.

How to Convert OST to Thunderbird – Step-by-Step Process

Before starting the process, make sure that Mozilla Thunderbird is configured properly in the system.

Step 1. Download, launch and run OST to Thunderbird App on Windows machine.

launch ost file converter tool

Step 2. Go to Select File/Folder button, three options will appear – Add File, Add Folder and Load Outlook Profile. Choose the required button to load OST file/folder as per need.

add OST file

Step 3. The tool will read OST file and list all its folder items with checkboxes on left software window. One can select/deselect the checkbox and perform selective folder conversion of OST file to Thunderbird.

select data items of OST

Step 4. Navigate to Saving Options button and choose the option Export to Thunderbird from the output list.

choose saving option

Step 5. Another software window will appear. You can select the option of Ignore System Folder if you do not want to import OST system folder to Thunderbird. Destination Path will show the default location of Thunderbird where resultant data will be stored. Select Create log for messages not created to generate a log report of messages that are not converted by the tool.

Step 6. Once you selected all the options, click Convert to start the process. After entire process is completed, a message will appear on the screen “Conversion Done Successfully”.

Main Features of OST to Thunderbird Tool

Import OST file to Thunderbird in Batch

By using OST to Thunderbird Tool, one can import multiple OST files to Thunderbird at once. You can move multiple OST files in a single folder and load the same for conversion into Mozilla Thunderbird. The process will be executed without damaging the data originality.

OST File to Thunderbird with Attachments

The application is programmed in a way that a user do not need to worry about their attached files. When you choose OST mails for conversion, then the tool will automatically pick the attachments too and move them with mail files with exact formatting and metadata properties.

Accurate Conversion of OST to Thunderbird

OST to Thunderbird tool is an expertise recommended application because when implementing batch conversion, it takes care of the email formatting properties and folder structure. The email header, hyperlinks, images, font will remain in an accurate form.

Multiple Options to Load Outlook OST File

The software provides the button of Select File/Folder. It includes three options i.e. Add Files, Add Folder and Load Outlook Profile. Add Files option allows loading desired OST files, Add Folder enables to add entire Outlook Offline data file folder and Load Outlook Profile option will directly connect to Outlook and Load all its folders with checkboxes on left software window.

Checkbox Option of Copy to Default Folder

OST to Thunderbird Tool provides checkbox of Copy to Default Folder. Clicking on this option allows to move the converted data to already created folder of Thunderbird account. If it is not selected, then software will create a folder of its own and copy all OST data into that folder.

Mozilla Thunderbird Client Installation is Must

In order to move OST data to Thunderbird, Thunderbird installation and configuration is must. Because, if not then it will give you pop-up and asked to install Thunderbird in the machine. It allows extracting the default location of Thunderbird and facilitate to migrate OST files to that destination path.

User Queries – OST to Thunderbird

I want to only move Sent Items of OST to Thunderbird. Is it possible with this application?

Yes, moving Sent Items folder from OST to Thunderbird is possible with the application. When you select OST file for conversion, software will read its data and display the list of all its data items with checkboxes. You can select/deselect the checkbox as per need and move desired OST file folder to Thunderbird.

Does this tool will also help in converting OST attachments to Thunderbird?

Yes, the application has the in-built functionality that automatically convert attachments too with OST emails and keep the data integrity of attached files accurate throughout the process.

Can I convert OST to Thunderbird on Windows 10?

Yes, the application is capable to run on any version of Windows OS including Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista etc.

Wrap Up

The above segment has discussed a complete solution to directly import OST to Thunderbird account. The application possesses number of features that helps to ease the conversion of OST files to Thunderbird. Get the FREE DEMO of the tool now that allows to import first 25 files from OST to Thunderbird free of cost. It is available to check and analyse the performance of the tool. You can also check the process of OST to PST, OST to Office 365 and more.