How to Configure Outlook 2021 Account? – The Best Methods!

Ritu Roy | How to's Outlook Software Technology Windows | 5 minutes read | Modified on: 06-02-2024
set up an Outlook 2021 account

Summary: This article will explain to you how to quickly and correctly set up an email account with Outlook 2021. Additionally, you will discover how to use the OST to PST Converter software described in this post to migrate or move your mail items from an old Outlook account, profile, or OST file to your Outlook 2021 account with full integrity.

Microsoft periodically releases updated versions of its programs and applications to include new features and improve user experience. One of Microsoft’s hallmark products is Outlook. The most recent version of the email client, Outlook 2021, comes with several new features and functionalities in addition to improved security. Therefore, setting up or configuring an email account may seem complicated if you’re new to Outlook 2021 and want to convert from your previous Outlook version to Outlook 2021. This article will go over how to configure Outlook 2021 account step-by-step.

How to Set Up an Outlook 2021 Account

You can add an Outlook 2021 account by following the instructions below.

Note: We have made an effort to cover every scenario and method that could be used to set up an Outlook 2021 account, including creating a new account and adding an account to an existing Outlook client.

#1. Install and open Microsoft Outlook 2021 after downloading.

  • Download and install Outlook 2021 if you haven’t already. It is included in the Office suite from Microsoft.
  • Click Close once the installation is complete.
  • Next, open Outlook and make sure your Microsoft Office license is active.

#2. Open Outlook 2021 and Add an Email Account.

A welcome screen along with an account configuration page will appear when you run Outlook after installation. To link your email account with Outlook 2021, follow these instructions.

  • Enter your email address in the Outlook box.
  • Click Connect once the email address has been entered. Your email account password will need to be entered in a new window that appears. Verify the password you entered is accurate. Turn off the CAPS lock to prevent problems or incorrect password input.
  • Click Sign in once the password has been entered.
  • Then, according to your preferences, tick or uncheck the “Allow my organization to manage my device” button.
  • Press OK.
  • Hold off until the setup is finished. The Outlook 2021 account will be set up and configured by the policies of your organization.
  • If you receive any prompts to secure your email account, you can respond to them by setting up two-step authentication. If not, select Skip for the time being (xx days till this is needed).
  • Click Done once everything is configured.
  • Outlook 2021 will display your newly added email account under Account successfully added in a few seconds.
  • In Outlook 2021, you have the option to create a new email account or launch Outlook with the added email account by clicking Done.
  • In a few seconds, Outlook will launch and load your emails.

Note: To activate Outlook, you could receive a prompt to enter the product key. Click Activate after entering the key, if you possess one. Alternatively, you can close this window and continue to use Outlook 2021 activate-free for a full 15 days.

  • If you have already activated, a request to accept the terms and conditions will appear. Press Accept.

#3. Create A Customized Outlook 2021 Account (optional)

Once your Outlook 2021 account is established and set up, you can further customize it. The following are the steps.

  • Select File > Info > Account Settings > Manage Profiles in Outlook.
  • Select your email by clicking on Email Accounts.
  • Next, select “Change.”
  • You can change the port, test the connection, and keep emails offline, among other settings, here.

Transfer Email Items from an Old Outlook or OST File to an Outlook 2021

After configuring your Outlook 2021 account, you can import your previous Outlook profile or account’s mail items onto this new one. A backup PST file is all you need. You can use a specialized tool, such as CubexSoft OST Converter, to convert your OST file to PST if you don’t have a PST backup.

With the software, you can load PST files into your Outlook 2021 account and retrieve all of your mail items from orphaned or inaccessible OST files, regardless of size. With just a few clicks, you can export the mail items from the OST file to your freshly configured Outlook 2021 account profile, live Exchange mailbox, or Microsoft 365.

How to Manually Set Up an Outlook 2021 Account?

If the methods listed above don’t work for you to log in, you might need to manually set up your email account, which gives you the option to select or modify a few more complex settings to set up your account in Outlook 2021.

Click the Advanced options while logging in, then select Let me set up my account manually to configure your email account with customized settings. Click Connect after that.

Following that, a new screen asking you to choose an account type will appear. Typical choices consist of:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Google (Gmail)
  • IMAP
  • POP
  • Exchange 2013 and earlier
  • Select the appropriate email server. We are going to be using a Gmail account for this tutorial. As soon as you select any option, the advanced choices will appear.
  • Please verify and update the information provided. For server information and port numbers, get in touch with your administrator. After that, add them. If not, it will maintain the default settings, which can prevent you from logging in.
  • After that, select Connect.
  • Proceed with the instructions to input the password and gain access to your Outlook 2021 account.

#1. Sync Outlook 2021 Account with Pre-Configured Outlook

If you’ve already set up Outlook 2021, you can use the Control Panel or Outlook settings to add a new email account. The following are the steps to follow:

  • Click Add Account under File > Info after opening Outlook.
  • After clicking Connect, input the password. Make sure the password is accurate and that the caps lock is not activated.
  • To sign in, click.
  • Click Done after that.

An alternative is to open the Control Panel, then,

  • Select Show Profiles after selecting User Accounts > Mail.
  • Select Add.
  • Click OK after entering the new profile’s name.
  • To finish the sign-in procedure, you must input the email account’s username and password.
  • Once your login is successful, you may either restart Outlook and select the desired profile from the dropdown at the Outlook startup, or you can make this new profile your default.


The method of adding an Outlook 2021 account is simple. But if you’ve never used Outlook before, you could find it a little perplexing and need assistance setting up an email account, particularly if the sign-in doesn’t work. In these circumstances, setting up and configuring your Outlook 2021 account by hand is required.

We have also covered how to convert offline Outlook data files (OST) to the Outlook importable PST format and move mail items from a previous version of Outlook above. The Outlook 2021 account can then be used to import the converted PST files. You can accomplish this by using a program like CubexSoft OST File Converter, which can convert 50 GB or more of inaccessible, orphaned, or inconsistent OST files into PST format.