How to Boost Outlook Performance? – Tips & Tricks

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Here a few easy steps you can take to manage your Outlook performing smoothly. If your Microsoft Outlook is slow and unbalanced, it can put a serious drain on your efficiency and even raise the stress level. So take a few moments to get it in shape.

Disable Outlook Add-Ins you are not using

Having multiple Outlook add-ins can bog down Outlook’s speeds. Once MS Outlook is installed for the first time, it comes whit its own set of add-ins. Not all of these add-ins will be activated, and there may be add-ins allowed that you don’t need. In the below section, mentioned default Outlook add-ins:–

Follow these steps:

Click on File >> Options >> Add-ins. Navigate the manage drop-down menu at the bottom, and select Com Add-ins then hit on Go. To disable specific add-ins, simply uncheck the items you don’t need, and press the OK.

You can also use the Remove option to remove selected items completely. For some add-ins, you need to restart Outlook for your changes to take effect.

Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration

Hardware Graphics Acceleration is designed with an advanced facility of MS Outlook which enables pushing the overall performance, which by default is already enabled in Outlook 2016.

Using Hardware Graphics Acceleration on a fast machine is more likable, but the same is not the case if your machine is not meant to be in full control.

Therefore, if you are facing a downgrade in Outlook’s performance or any other lag, disabling hardware graphics acceleration would be the first thing you should do.

  • Go to the File menu tab, choose Options, and click Advanced. A new screen window pops up.
  • On the main screen under the Display section, choose Display Hardware Graphics Accelerations and click on the Ok button.

Clean Up Inbox

Microsoft Outlook introduced the inbox clean-up feature with the release of Outlook 2010. With the help of this feature, multiple emails can be taken down remarkably with a few clicks.

Follow the steps:

Go to the Home tab, hit on the Clean Up button, and choose Clean Up Folder option.

Appear the window, click Clean Up Folder.

Note: Before directly cleaning the folder, you can configure settings

When the process is started, MS Outlook will automatically delete duplicate emails, the difference in the number of inbox items can be seen below.

Maintain Windows Up-to-Date

Microsoft office time to time releases Windows updates and service facilities. Having the latest updates and service packs can help improve your system’s overall performance as well as Outlook’s performance.

Compact & Repair Outlook PST Files

Outlook PST files can be another reason for Outlook slowness. You can improve Outlook’s performance by:

  • Using multiple PST files
  • Maintaining attachments out of PST files.
  • Repair PST Files.

 To repair a PST file in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010:

  1. Remove any data you no longer need and empty the Deleted Items folder.
  2. Hit on the File tab on the menu bar, and then choose the Info tab.
  3. Press Account Settings, and then hit on Account Settings again.
  4. Hit on the Data Files tab.
  5. Opt for your PST file in the list, and then hit on Settings.
  6. After that, go to the General option, hit on compact now.
  7. Click on the Ok button and close.

Disable RSS Feeds

If you have unlimited RSS feeds that are synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, these syncing tasks could bring Outlook to a crawl. If you are not using Outlook as an RSS reader, you can disable this feature by following these steps:

Click on File tab >> Options >> Hit on Advanced (left-hand navigation menu). Under the RSS Feeds section, uncheck both options.


Here, we have discussed many problems that users face with MS Outlook 2019 & other below editions. Due to these problems, it becomes hard to get along with the regular workflow. But with a verdict, we can assure you that the above solutions with helping you in getting back on track. Following the techniques listed above, you would not only solve the problems but also improve your computer’s overall performance.