How to Add Hotmail to Office 365 – Follow Step by Step Guide

Posted 10, May 2019 | By Editorial Team

Moving an email account to Office 365 is the hottest trend among users. Every second person is looking for ways to shift his/her email application data to O365 cloud account as it offers various productivity services apart from mailing, thus making data management easier. So, to get the most of Office 365 services, many Hotmail users are migrating emails from Hotmail to Office 365.  

Are you also a Hotmail user and want to add Hotmail emails to Office 365 webmail, but don’t know the process for the same? Then follow this blog that will explain step by step process for how to add Hotmail to Office 365 account. There are many such users who are searching for easy and accurate migration solution for Hotmail to Office 365 Migration. So, check out this blog for getting straightforward solution to all your queries like:

  • How to migrate email from Hotmail to Office 365 including all email properties?
  • Can I transfer Hotmail emails to Office 365 with along with their attachments?
  • How difficult is it for a novice user to add Hotmail to Office 365 account?

Internet will yield a lot of results for your queries regarding methods for adding Hotmail to ; some of which are paid and some others free. It is up to you to use the best method, depending upon your requirements and of course budget. Let’s explore a few methods that will help you add to Office 365.

Manual Method for Adding Hotmail to Office 365 Webmail

To add Hotmail emails to O365, first you need to backup Hotmail data in PST file and then upload this PST file in Office 365 webmail. To save Hotmail backup in Outlook, you have to configure your Hotmail account in Microsoft Outlook application. Follow these steps for the same :

  • Configure Hotmail account in MS Outlook
  • Open Outlook. Go to File Menu and under Info Tab, click on Add Account
  • Enter your Hotmail credentials and click Next
  • The synchronization process will start, asking you to again enter your Hotmail password.
  • Once the synchronization process is completed, you can see all your Hotmail emails and other data available in Outlook.
  • Now, get PST file for your Hotmail account from this location : C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Outlook Files\
  • And save it at your desired location
  • Now import PST file in Office 365 account.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • The process is very time consuming as it is divided in two phases, each involving a lot of steps
  • Missing a single step may corrupt or delete your crucial data.
  • Proper technical training/ skills are required to manually add Hotmail emails in Office 365
  • Failure of manual method may cause a big loss to your business

Get Automated Solution to Add Hotmail Account to O365 Webmail

Considering the problems and limitations of manual method, an automated solution is suggested that will provide assured solution for Hotmail to Office 365 backup. The tool is easy to use and provides simple steps for user to know how to add Hotmail to Office 365 account, which are as follows :

  • Now launch the software and choose Hotmail from the Email Source list.
  • Enter your Hotmail email address and password and click Login
  • The software will load all Hotmail folders on its left panel
  • Now from the Saving Options, choose Office 365
  • Enter your Office 365 login ID and password. Choose required filters and mail folders for selective migration. Finally click on Backup button.
  • The software will start Hotmail to O365 migration process and on completion, open a new window showing the message “Conversion done successfully.”
  • Once you click on OK button, a log file will open showing the complete migration status. Save it as TXT file for future reference. Finally click OK to finish the process.

Key Features of Hotmail to Office 365 Tool

  • Provides direct transfer of Hotmail emails to O365 account
  • Maintains accurate email properties including Meta headers, formatting, images, links etc.
  • Import attachments too and keeps their originality maintained
  • Retains precise folder hierarchy during the entire Hotmail to office 365 migration process
  • Provides a complete conversion log report, useful for future records
  • Supports selective email backup, depending upon various filters – To, From, Subject, Date Range
  • Simple to use application for non-technical users
  • Supports all Windows OS, including Windows 10

Let’s Conclude

The above article has described both manual and third party solution for adding Hotmail to Office 365. Depending upon you requirements, you can opt for any method. If you go with manual method then first make sure that you know all the technical details of the entire procedure. Or you can use Hotmail to Office 365 Tool that also comes with FREE demo edition for complete evaluation purpose and learn how to add Hotmail to Office 365. FREE utility also let you move first 20 emails from each selected Hotmail folder to OWA account.