Upload PST File to Office 365 Account using Drive Shipping Method

Posted 15, Nov 2018 | By Editorial Team

Have you recently subscribed for Office 365 account and looking for ways to upload PST files to O365 storage. There are times when it becomes quite difficult for users to manage PST files, there are certain corruption issues too and at other times users face difficulty with eDiscovery administration too. Therefore, they wish to move their entire PST data files to Exchange online database. If you are one of them, then, read the following article that will help you find easy and precise solution to move your PST files to cloud account using drive shipping method and other alternate solution.

What is O365 Drive Shipping Method?

Drive shipping is the method of importing PST files to Office 365 mailbox account by first saving these PST files on a hard drive and physically shipping this drive to Microsoft. Once received, its officials upload PST file Office 365 cloud account. Now you must be wondering how this whole procedure is completed, then read below.

Steps to Upload PST files to O365 Storage via Drive Shipping


Please check to comply with the following Pre-requisites, before proceeding further :

  • The hard disk into which PST files are copied must be BitLocker encrypted and 6TB or less in size.
  • The organization must have a DHL or FedEx Account.
  • The retention period must be set to unlimited time frame.
  • Each user must be assigned Mailbox Import Export role to import PST file to Office 356.

Now follow these steps to upload Outlook PST files to cloud database:

Step 1 : Download Import Tool

First you need to download Import Tool and secure storage key. For that, follow the below steps :

  • Go to https://protection.office.com and login with your O365 credentials. Click on Permissions >> Data Management >> Import.


  • On the left panel, click Users >> Import. Click on ‘+’ icon and choose Ship data on physical hard drives appearing under drop down icon.

  • A new job page will appear, click “Download Tool” option for installing WAImportExport utility.
  • On Ship files page, copy the displayed key and save it in a file.
  • Finally, click on Cancel to close the page.

Step 2 : Copy PST file to Hard drive

  • Open cmd on your system and go to the location where WAImportExport utility is installed.
  • Now, run the following command to copy PST file to hard disk.

  • /j: – Name of the Journal File that includes the information about the drive that is being sent to Microsoft center.
  • /t: – the drive letter of the hard disk that is connected to the local system.
  • /id: – name of the copy session for uploading PST file to office 365.
  • /srcdir: storage path of saved .pst files.
  • /dstdir: destination route of MS cloud where PST filed will be uploaded.
  • /sk: secure storage key.
  • /logdir: location of log file storage.
  • /encrypt: BitLocker encryption key.

Now run the following command to import PST database to O365 cloud via WAImportExport.exe utility.

Step 3 : Generate PST Import Mapping / CSV File

MS data center will copy the PST file from hard disk to its Azure data storage. The import service will use the date existing in the mapping file/CSV file to identify the user mailbox PST file that needs to be uploaded.

First download the CSV file and open it on your local machine. It will be having the following parameters, as shown below :

Step 4: Create PST Import Job

  • Now, move back to Office 365 Admin Center Import page and select Import Services >> New Job + >> Ship Data on Physical Hard Drives.

  • From the ‘New Job’ page, check the options ‘hard drives are prepared’ and ‘I have access to mapping file’ and click on the Next button.
  • Enter the name for PST Import job.
  • Tap on ‘+’ option and navigate go to the location where WAImportExport.exe tool is saved.
  • Upload the journal file >> Next to upload PST files to O365 storage.
  • Now, click ‘+’ option and select the CSV file created in the previous step and tap on Next button.
  • Now enter the Contacts information and finally click Finish.

Step 5: Ship Hard Drive

Now in the final step, you have to dispatch the hard drive disk to the Microsoft headquarters. Make sure to save the tracking number and shipping label to track your shipment.

Problems with Uploading PST file to O365 using Drive Shipping Method

  • As you can see that the drive shipping method is very lengthy too complex for everyone to use
  • The cost of uploading PST file to O365 via drive shipping is 2USD per GB data
  • Using a large sized hard drive is mandatory
  • The person performing PST to Office 365 cloud migration using drive shipping method should be technically sound, otherwise the entire process may fail eventually leading to data loss and corruption.

Get Alternate Solution to Upload PST file to Office 365


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