How Do I Save OST File as PDF Document with Attachments? – [Resolved Query]

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“Since the last few months, I was searching for a simple, and easy method to save OST file as PDF with attachments on the desktop. I tried so many solutions but till now, I don’t have any reliable and feasible method for how do I save the OST file as PDF. So, can anyone suggest me that how do I save OST file as PDF document format? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Nowadays is nothing too impossible with modern technology techniques, Microsoft Outlook is mostly used in email client applications that can use for communication between one people to world and communication between organization employees, or for Business purposes. According to users more uses and want multiple email converters and migration software available in the online market. Well, as per users’ needs to faster, quickly conversion process of OST to PDF and why to move OST file to PDF format with the simplest and best OST Converter process and much more about file formats.

Need to Save Outlook Offline OST File to PDF Format  

Why do users move and change from OST email to PDF? Have you ever given this a thought? Mentioned below are a few of the disadvantages through which users can learn the benefits of PDF files.

  • Fast and Easy to create
  • Secure platform as well as Portable.
  • Capability to compress large-sized files.

Mentioned below are a few users’ queries through which you can easily mark the difference between OST and PDF files.

“I am a Forensic Investigator, I need to gather evidence of all the criminal cases. Recently I got a case from one of my clients. He provided me all the evidence in OST format. I don’t have Exchange Server installed in my system. This is creating a lot of trouble. I am in a dilemma on how to do it because I don’t have space on my laptop to install Exchange Server. I need to analyze all the OST file emails and submit the case report in PDF. Is there any method though I can access my OST files in PDF.”

“We are a group of final year students, and we are working together on a project. I have created the thesis of the project and want to share it with the entire group. They don’t have Exchange Server or Outlook pre-installed in their machine.  I need to give them the report in PDF form. So, is there any way through which I can easily give them the file in PDF form so that they can view, read, and open files.”

Manual Solution to Convert OST Email to PDF Format

Complete configuration and installation of MS Outlook along with the Exchange server are needed to have this manual process. In order to print the OST file to PDF, a Microsoft Word application is also required.  When all the prerequisites are present on one PC, begin with the following guidelines:

  1. Launch the MS Outlook email program on your machine and double hit on the message that you want to convert into Adobe PDF format.
  2. Once the message window gets opened, tab the File>> Save As.
  3. Now, a saving panel will pop-up in front of you where you have click on Save As Type drop-down menu and then choose the .hmtl option.
  4. After that, save the file where ever you want with your desired name and then, press the Save button.
  5. Then, close MS Outlook email client and then navigate towards the destination where you have saved the HTML file.
  6. Now, choose the saved HTML file, right-press, and then tab the Open with >> Word (desktop).
  7. This appears the Microsoft Word application where you have to press the file >>Save As option.
  8. Open the Save As Type drop-down menu and click on PDF file
  9. Save this PDF file at any of your wanted locations and then, click on Save button
  10. Finally, you are done with the manual process to save OST file as PDF for one email at a time. If there are more emails to be converted in PDF format, then repeat 1 to 9 steps for the same.

Limitations of Manual Solution

  • This method will take lots of time in the case of a large number of emails in Outlook OST.
  • It will not migrate OST email to PDF with attachments. So, it is not a feasible solution at all, users have to opt for some other automated tool.
  • There is a required deep technical knowledge to follow and perform these steps.
  • Chances of data loss during the process.

Flawless Solution to Save OST File as PDF Document with Attachments

For a reliable and effective solution, the user is recommended to use OST to PDF Converter software. It is the perfect utility that is capable enough to save OST files as PDF along with attachments. Moreover, it enables us to migrate and print all OST emails to PDF document format at once. It has a very simple GUI, both technical and non-technical users can easily handle and understand the process of how do I save OST file as PDF without any help. During the conversion process, the software keeps all the email elements, properties, formatting, and attachments without data loss. It was workable on versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS including the latest 10.

Let’s Sum Up

Adobe PDF format is commonly used to save the document in a standard format that can be viewed on saved platforms. In fact, users can easily open, read, and access them from anywhere without any complications. That’s why users have to convert and save Outlook offline .ost files as PDF file format. In this article, we have explained both manual and alternative solutions for the same. To save OST emails as Adobe PDF without any data loss, it is always suggested to make use of an automated tool.