[Technical Tips] – How to Disable or Enable Outlook Profile Prompt?

Ritu Roy | How to's Outlook Software Technology | 2 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

MS Outlook has a commonly used email application and the Microsoft Outlook profile is made up of various email accounts. It has been seen that the user prefers to configure multiple profiles in their Outlook account. This post assumes that you are handling multiple profiles and getting confused in multiple profiles and describes how to turn on ‘prompt for a profile to be used’. After enabling this option, once you start MS Outlook, a dialog screen will ask you to which profile you want to use. In this post, you will see the step-by-step working guide that explains how to enable and disable the Outlook profile prompt.

Follow the Steps to Enable or Disable Microsoft Outlook Profile Prompt:

Step 1. Exist the MS Outlook program

Step 2. Open the Run Windows and type ‘Control Panel’ and press the OK button

Step 3. Now, a new window of mail Setup Outlook will open, hit on the “Show Profile” button.

Step 4. Now the windows will appear. Select “Prompt for a profile to be used” and press the Apply button and then click the Ok button.

Step 5. After this, open the MS Outlook and select profile windows will open. Now, choose the profile according to your needs and hit on the OK button to proceed.

How to Set a Single Profile as a Default Profile from Multiple Profiles?

Step 1. In “Choose Profile” windows, choose the profile that you need to set it to default and press the “Options” button and hit on the OK button.

Note: The above steps are valid only if you have multiple accounts configured in different Microsoft Outlook mail profile.

 How to Disable Microsoft Outlook Profile Prompt?

In these steps, you learn how to disable the Outlook profile Prompt. All steps are the same as listed above steps:

  • Open Run Windows >> Enter “Control Panel”>> Click on Ok button.
  • Go with Mail >> Show Profiles >> Deselect the “Prompt for a profile to be used” option.
  • Choose the “Apply” option and hit on the OK button to disable the Outlook profile prompt.


In this blog post, I tried to describe the common Outlook error and its reasons with the solution which helps you resolve all the problems of how to enable and disable Outlook profile prompt.