How do I Switch from Hotmail to Gmail? Query Resolved!

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I am using Hotmail as my emailing service but now I planning to use Gmail and have created a new account with Since all my emails in are very crucial, I don’t want to lose them and want to transfer my Hotmail emails to my Gmail account. But the problem is how do I switch from Hotmail to Gmail. Can someone please provide me an easy solution for my problems?

Ever since Gmail came into existence, a lot of Hotmail users have already and are planning to switch to use Gmail. There are various methods available for making the switch between these two applications. One method is to configure and synchronize your account in your Gmail account. Another method is forwarding your emails from account to Gmail. And the third method is using an efficient third party utility that will help you import Hotmail emails to Gmail without any data loss. Let’s discuss the steps by step procedure to import messages from Hotmail to Gmail via different methods :

Method 1 : Configure Hotmail Account in Gmail

Follow these steps to sync your Hotmail account with Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • Click on the Gear button appearing at the upper right of your Gmail account page and then choose Settings
  • Select Accounts and Import tab from the top of the Settings section
  • Next, click on Import mail and contacts link from the Import Mail and contacts section
  • In the new window, labelled as Step 1: Sign into your other email account, enter your account ID in the text field “What account do you want to import from?” and click Continue
  • Again click Continue
  • Another window that opens will prompt you to login to your account. Enter your email ID & password and click on Sign In button to login to your account. After successful log in, close the window to continue further.
  • Now in Step 2: Import options, select the options you want. Select the desired options by ticking their corresponding checkboxes from :
    • Import Contacts
    • Import Mails
    • Import new mail for next 30 days
  • Click on Start Import button and finally click OK button.

Note : The import process will take time depending on the size and number of email messages and contacts you are importing. This process will import complete Hotmail data and will not allow selective folder migration from Hotmail account to Gmail account. Moreover, non-technical users may find the process difficult to follow due to the number and complexities in the steps involved.

Method 2 : Forward your Emails from Account to Gmail Account

  • Login to your Hotmail account
  • On the upper right corner of your account page, click on the Gear button. And select View all Outlook settings option
  • A new window will open. Under Mail section, Click on Forwarding.
  • Ticking the checkbox “Enable Forwarding” will enable all its sub-options. Enter your Gmail account email ID in the text field “Forward my email to”. If you want to keep a copy of mail in your Hotmail account, select the checkbox “Keep a copy of forwarded messages”.
  • Click on Save button appearing on top of the Forwarding window to save the changes and start receiving your Hotmail messages in Gmail account.

Now you are ready to get your newly received Hotmail emails directly forwarded to your Gmail account. Using forwarding option, you can only forward new emails to Gmail account. However the process will not let you move your old Hotmail messages into your Gmail account. To import all Hotmail folders to Gmail, you need to use a third party utility.

Method 3 : Steps to Import Hotmail Emails to Gmail using Hotmail Backup Tool

Step 1 : Download, install and launch the software
Step 2 : Select Hotmail from the list of email source appearing on its left window
Step 3 : Now enter your credentials and click on Login button
Step 4 : The software will start loading all the mailbox folders and sub folders of your Hotmail account on its left panel.
Step 5 : Once the software loads complete folders list, it will show backup options on its right pane
Step 6 : Choose Gmail from the Select Saving options list. Enter your Gmail address and password into which you want to transfer your Hotmail emails.
Step 7 : Choose the desired filters (To, From, Subject, Date range) to move only required Hotmail messages to Gmail account. You can even select the folders and sub folders from the folder list that you want to import in another webmail account.
Step 8 : After selecting desired option, finally click on backup button
Step 9 : The software will start the Hotmail to Gmail migration process and on completion open a log file showing the complete backup report. You can save it for future use.

Why Hotmail to Gmail Backup Tool is Professional’s Choice Backup Tool is an efficient utility that will help your easily move your Hotmail emails to Gmail account. Its simple GUI is easy to understand for both technical and non- technical users who can perform Hotmail to Gmail migration without any efforts. The utility is capable of resolving user queries like :

  • How do I switch from Hotmail to Gmail without losing any data?
  • How to import messages from Hotmail to Gmail including attachments?

One of the highlighting features of Hotmail to Gmail Backup Software is its ability to import Hotmail messages to Gmail including all attachment and other email properties like Meta headers, formatting, hyperlinks, images etc. Moreover, the tool offers some additional advantages like selective folder migration, different filters to help users transfer only desired data from Hotmail account to Gmail account, flexibility of performing Hotmail to Gmail backup on all (32bit and 64bit) Windows editions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc. Additionally, the software creates a log file of the entire All-Mail backup process for users to save it as TXT file for future reference.


Moving from one email application to another is very common these days. But what is interesting is how a user performs this task. In this blog we have discussed various methods to switch from Hotmail to Gmail. You can choose any one according to your requirements and preferences. However, if you go with Hotmail to Gmail Backup Tool then you also get the facility of free trial that allows importing of first 20 emails from selected Hotmail Mailbox folder to Gmail account.