Google Vault to Office 365 – Migration Tips to Migrate Google Vault Files to Office 365

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Are you finding a solution for Google Vault to Office 365 migration? If yes, then not to look for it any more, your search ends here! The following write-up discuss the complete procedure to export database from Google Vault to Office 365 directly. At first, let us know few facts about Google Vault.

Instant Solution

To carry out direct Google Vault to Office 365 migration, try Email Backup Tool. All-in-one solution that directly migrate Google Vault to Office 365, Exchange, Outlook PST, G Suite, Gmail and more.

What is Google Vault?

Google Vault is an add-on that is particularly offered for Google Apps. It helps in searching, archiving, retaining and exporting the entire email list of the organization. With the help of the add-on, a user can search specific emails or export desired emails for eDiscovery and compliance needs. Google Apps Vault is entirely a web-based service, so there is no additional requirement to install and maintain it like other application. Besides this, it is not free, it charges $5/month for single user.

Remarkable Features of Google Vault

Chat/Email Archive – A user can customize retention rules to control the time duration of email messages like how long they can sustain, before they get permanently discarded from user mailbox.

Drive File Search – Allows to search results of Google Drive including non-Google file formats such as JPG, PDF, DOCx etc.

Email Search – One of the most powerful and preferable functionality, the investigators use it for email investigation. It allows the search of emails of specific email account, keyword or date. Google Vault also supports Boolean searches, Gmail specific and Wildcard operators.

Export – It is another amazing feature of Google Vault. It helps to export selected or archived emails to a different file.

Audit Reports – Helps to know about activities that users of Vault carried out during particular time duration.

How to Migrate Google Vault to Office 365?

When it is a talk about Google Vault, then several organizations are familiar to it. It is a part of G Suite Business, Enterprise and Education edition. It generally allows to archive business data from Google Apps products like Google Teams Drive, Google Drive, Google Groups etc. At times, due to change in business requirement or to manage the database in a large number, users want to move from Google Vault to Office 365. Thus, in the further section, the manual method and professional solution is discussed. Let us check them out one by one.

Solution 1. Google Vault to Office 365 – Direct Migration Technique

Google Vault to Office 365 Tool, a direct solution for batch Google Vault migration to Office 365 process. The application is fast, reliable, easy and user-friendly to operate. Any professional and novice user can make use of the software and directly migrate Google Vault to Office 365. A user only need to enter the login details of source and destination account and leave everything upon the software. Follow the step-by-step process to carry out the migration:

Step 1. Download free demo of Google Vault Migration Tool on any Windows OS.

Step 2. Install and launch the application, the first screen will appear as:

home screen

Step 3. Now, choose the G Suite option from the list of source displaying on the left pane.

Scan & Formatted Scan

Step 4. Enter the G Suite admin credentials and click Next.

scanning process

Step 5. Software now connect to the G Suite account and list all its folders with checkboxes. You can select all checkboxes or desired checkbox for selective migration.

load gmail folders

Step 6. Now, in the right-hand side of the tool, you will see Select Saving Option, click on the same and choose Office 365.

view data files

Step 7. Provide the O365 login details in which you want to migrate Google Vault data.

Browse for Folder

Step 8. Set filters as per requirement in case you want to migrate the desired Google Vault data.

advanced gmail filters

Step 9. At last, click on Backup to start Google Vault to Office 365 process.

Export Process

Step 10. Process will complete with confirmation message “Process Completed Successfully”. And as soon as you click OK button, software immediately generate the process summary report in TXT.

Final Files

The steps are easy to implement and performs the process easily. No additional support of app is required, only a good internet connectivity needed. The data migrated with accurate formatting properties and folder structure.

Solution 2. Google Vault to Office 365 – Manual Migration Technique

The manual process for migrating Google Vault to Office 365 is divided into two steps:

  • Export Google Vault Data
  • Import Resultant Data to Office 365

Step 1. Export Data from Google Vault

At first, login to G Suite account whose data you are looking to migrate into Office 365.

Go to, provide G Suite credentials, make sure you are login with administrator account.

Google Vault will open, click on Create button.

Create New Matter screen appears, add Matter Name and Description as per choice and hit Create new matter button.

From the next screen, click Create Hold button.

You can create hold, if necessary and provide the desired detail as shown below:

After hold gets created, click Search option appearing on left side.

  1. In Search option, choose the following:
  2. Select Mail, then All Data and last Specific Accounts
  3. Under Account blank bar, enter Email ID whose data you want to migrate
  4. Set the date by setting the range in Sent Date section
  5. Click Exclude Drafts option if you do not want to export database of draft

At last, click Export. From Export Results screen, enter Export Name and choose the format in which you want to export Google Vault data.

Choose either MBOX or PST as shown.

Moreover, a small note appears on the screen

Now, hit Start Export button to start the process.

After the process completes, click Download displaying with blue link. All the Google Vault data get downloaded in selected file format.

As you can see that the process allows to export Google Vault data into MBOX or PST. This arise the challenge in front of users, because now the biggest task is to import the resultant file into Office 365.

Step 2. Import Resultant File to Office 365

Import MBOX to Office 365

To perform the process, a direct method available i.e. MBOX to Office 365 Tool. A high expertise designed solution allows to export unlimited MBOX files into O365 account at once without damaging the original database. Download the freeware edition of the software for complete software understanding.

Import PST to Office 365

In order to implement the same, either you can use Microsoft offered methods i.e. Network Upload or Drive Shipping. You can use these solution if you are expert in technicalities. If not, then for this, a direct method available O365 Backup and Restore. Without any data loss, all the PST data will move to O365 account. To know more, visit:

Wrap Up

Many users get stuck in between the process of such type of migration. Thus, the segment has discussed all the possible approaches that can help to migrate Google Vault to Office 365. A user can choose the suitable option and perform the process without trouble.