How to Fix – “Unable to Mount Database Exchange 2010” [SOLVED]

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If an issue of “unable to mount mailbox database Exchange 2010” is continuously occurring, then it is important to understand the job of transaction logs.

What is transaction log? A transaction log is kind of life-and-blood for Exchange Server, helps to maintain easy functioning on server. Every transaction performed to the server noted down in these log files that are consigned to the database. In addition, when the transaction is unsaved in the database, it stays in system memory and transaction logs.

The unexpected crash during the event can lead to data loss from memory in reboot, as it was not entirely saved to Exchange DB files. Due to this, the transaction logs are strong recovery mechanism that helps in safe restore of data to an Exchange database in uniform state.

The below error message will appear when database to be accessed on server is not mounted or not available:

Error Message:

How Error Occur?

Microsoft offers Eseutil utility to cross-check whether the database is in clean shutdown state or not. If it is clear from clean shutdown state, then this in-built utility will help in fixing issues and bring back database into uniformity. And, if the data is not consistent, then by using below solution, one can restore information successfully.

Solution Discussed:

Deleting log file is one of the main reason that cause Exchange database dismounted. Thus, to solve the same, it is important to first check data consistency.

Use Soft Repair to Validate and Repair Inconstant Database

Eseutil can help easily in performing the soft recovery process. The method helps in re-mounting the Exchange database after unexpected stop. Follow the steps to know how:

Run the command: eseutil/mh

When output shows the database in a dirty shutdown state as displayed below, then it means database missing transaction log.

In order to get back the database in a consistent state, it is important to replay log files in the database. To perform this, run the command as shown:

eseutil /r /l /d

Specify location where logs are stored:

For instance:

After the repair process completes, perform the process again:

Run command eseutil/mh. It allows to validate the state of database, if it is in clean shutdown or not.

Use below command to mount database back to Exchange:

Still, if you unable to mount the database, then check the transaction logs consistency.

Use Hard Repair to Validate & Repair Database Logs

Eseutil tool help in executing the hard repair recovery process to test database of damaged pages. If you find any, then the tool will remove them.

To perform hard repair, run the command:

eseutil/p ‘\DAGDB1.edb’

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