Easy Way for How Do I Fix Apple Mail Not Working

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You cannot send or receive emails if Apple Mail is not functioning. Such a problem could arise for a number of different causes. You can find some quick fixes for the Apple Mail not working problem in this article.

You may occasionally run into a situation where your Apple Mail (or Mac Mail) application is unresponsive and you are unable to send or receive emails. There are a variety of causes for the Apple Mail not working issue, including a bad or unstable network connection, an older version of macOS or the Apple Mail application, faulty data files, downtime on Apple servers, etc. Whatever the cause, you want to solve the issue as quickly as you can. We’ll discuss a few quick fixes for the Apple Mail not responding or working problem in this article.

Fixes for the Problem with Apple Mail Not Working

Restarting the device might occasionally solve simple problems. The system is refreshed and temporarily saved data is deleted when you restart the device. If restarting doesn’t work, try the following fixes to solve the issue.

Solution 1: Verify Internet Connection

Your ability to send and receive emails could be hampered by a poor internet connection or inconsistent Wi-Fi signals. You can use a third-party internet connection testing website or try loading any page in your browser to test the strength of your internet connection.

You can reset your Wi-Fi router or contact your internet service provider if the internet connection isn’t functioning properly.

Solution 2: Force Exit the mail app

You can attempt to force the Apple Mail application to close and then restart it if it has stopped functioning or is not responding. You can press Option+ Command+ Escape to force-quit the app. Then, attempt to launch the application to see if it fixes the problem.

Solution 3: Terminate all other programmes and restart the system

On occasion, having one or more open Mac apps can make it difficult for Apple Mail to function properly. The functionality of your Mac Mail may be negatively impacted if any open software has a flaw, consumes too much RAM, or requires additional processing power. Simply close any open applications and programs on your device, and then restart your Mac.

Solution 4: Turn off your email account.

If your email account is corrupt or corrupted, you can also experience the Apple Mail not working problem. You can disable your email account in this situation. If you have several email accounts, you need first disable each one before adding them one at a time.

To disable the email accounts, take the following actions:

  • System Preferences is found by opening the Apple menu.
  • Online Accounts should be chosen.
  • Deselect the Mail option and choose the mailboxes from the left pane.
  • After deselecting every mail account, open Mail again to see if it still works.

If the solutions provided above do not resolve the Apple Mail issue, you can alternatively remove and then re-add email accounts.

Solution 5: Update MacOS

Updates are essential for an app to work properly on your Mac. If your macOS is out of date, it could cause problems with Apple Mail. You can check to see if the Apple Mail problem is fixed by updating your macOS to the most recent version.

How to update MacOS is as follows:

  • System Preferences can be found by selecting Apple Menu.
  • ‘Software Update’ should be selected.
  • If there are any available, upgrade your macOS.

What if the problem is not fixed?

Consider switching to another email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, if Apple Mail is still giving you trouble. You must move your emails and other data from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook if you’re switching to Outlook. You can use an application like CubexSoft MBOX Converter, which converts MBOX files to PST, in this situation. You may quickly import your converted Mac Mail (MBOX) data into Outlook using the PST file format, which is supported by this tool.

Working with MBOX Converter to Convert MBOX Files to PST

Step 1. After starting it, select the option for Add Files.

Step 2. At this point, select the option to Select File(s) or Select Folder to import MBOX files into the programme. Then select the Next button.

Step 3. Before doing the primary conversion phase, have a look at your MBOX files. Then click the Export option.

Step 4. To import MBOX into Outlook PST format, choose the Export type as PST option. You can also choose other options such as Advanced Filters. Then, by selecting the Browse option, select a save place.

Step 5. Press the Export button to begin converting MBOX to Outlook 2019 or any edition below. Throughout the procedure, you can see real-time progress.

Step 6. Click OK to finish converting MBOX emails to PST after the procedure is complete.

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