How to Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook on Another Computer?

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Are you using Windows Live Mail email app and searching a way of how to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2016 on another computer? Not to worry, in the following article you will surely get the solution of how to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook on another computer in an accurate and trouble-free way. Besides this, the write-up has discuss the multiple approaches i.e. manual and professional Windows Live Mail Converter. You can check out the same and grab the suitable method.

WLM or Windows Live Mail is a freeware email application which is now discontinued by Microsoft. It is successor to Windows Mail (Win Vista) and the same was successor to Outlook Express that supports Windows XP and Windows 98 version. Live Mail runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10. However, there is no more support available for Windows Live Mail as in year 2012 it was discontinued. Although, Microsoft launched a new email application Windows Mail in the release of Windows 10, still lot of users continued to use WLM for several reasons. But now, numerous users already planning to move into Microsoft Outlook as it is more advance and secure and has the capability to handle the data in large amount.

Techniques to Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook on Another Computer

  • Use of Windows Live Mail Export Feature
  • From Win Live Mail file location
  • Windows Live Mail to Outlook Tool

Instant Approach

Quickly download and utilize direct Windows Live Mail to Outlook Tool to export Windows Live Mail emails, contacts, calendar and other items to Outlook on another computer without facing data loss trouble.

Method 1. WLM to Outlook by using Windows Live Mail app

Windows Live Mail offers Export function for direct export of Live Mail items either into MS Exchange or WLM format. The detailed process to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook using WLM is mentioned below:

Step 1. Run Windows Live Mail email app, go to File, select Export email and click Email messages.

Step 2. Choose the option of MS Exchange and press Next.

Step 3. Export message dialogue box pop-up, click OK to continue.

Step 4. Now, from Profile Name drop-down arrow, choose Outlook and press OK.

Step 5. Export Messages window appear again, select all folders or desired folders and click OK.

Step 6. The pop-up of Export Messages appears showing the export process status.

Step 7. In the end, confirmation message will display on the screen.

Step 8. Go to Outlook and check the export.

The steps will help to export WLM emails to Exchange, from there a user can download PST file on storage device of desired choice. The process can complete by using Import/Export feature of MS Outlook desktop application.

Note: When exporting Windows Live Mail to Outlook, ensure that no active instances of Outlook are running because if it is running with WLM then it could affect WLM functionality in exporting emails to Exchange.

Method 2. From WLM File Location

It is possible to move files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook that are saved on the system in EML format by using storage device. In case you plan to transfer Live Mail files to new system, then after Outlook desktop client configuration on the new system, a user can drop EML files to new created folder inside Outlook email client. To perform the same, follow the mentioned steps:

Step 1. Generally WLM stores the files in the following location:

C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

Step 2. The location possesses many folders that contain mailbox database. Copy the associated files and move to storage device.

Step 3. Now, plugin the storage device USB to another system.

Step 4. Run Outlook and add new folder named as WLM.

Step 5. Smoothly drag and drop all the files from storage device to new created folder.

Method 3. Windows Live Mail to Outlook Tool

Everyone is aware that Windows Live Mail store all its files in EML. As previously shown, in Method 1, WLM has inbuilt function that can help to export Windows Live Mail to Exchange to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook on another computer, but it can affect the database hierarchy. Also, Method 1 requires proper knowledge of both email applications because the miss of single step or inappropriate execution can cause data loss.

If we talk of Method 2, it is completely manual. A user need to manually drag and drop the files from one location to another. It can consume lot of time and also result in severe data loss.

Thus, it is suggested to make use of professional and reliable utility. One such app is Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter. The process tool offers is smooth as it is equipped with user-friendly environment. No Outlook or WLM email client knowledge is required, any professional, novice user and organization of any field can make use of the application to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook. Moreover, the software maintains the original folder structure, mailbox formatting properties, metadata after conversion. Besides Outlook, a user can export Windows Live Mail to cloud servers such as Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, Gmail etc. Follow the steps and check how to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook on another computer:

Step 1. Download free WLM Converter download version on Windows.

home screen

Step 2. The main screen show two options to load WLM files for export i.e.

  • Convert Windows Live Mail Profile – It can be used if WLM is installed on the system and you want to directly transfer all its database to Outlook.
  • Convert Separately Saved WLM Mailboxes – It includes two options i.e. Select Files and Select Folder. A user can manually load the supported files of WLM for conversion.

After choosing the desired option, click Next.

open the program

Step 3. Tool now load entire WLM items with checkboxes. A user can select all items or few items to export desired data into Outlook.

load wlm files

Step 4. Navigate to Select Saving Option and choose PST (Outlook) option.

choose saving option

Step 5. Set filters and other options to carry out specified Windows to Outlook conversion.

choose output

Step 6. At last, hit Convert button and start the process. It will end with confirmation message “Process Completed Successfully”.

apply different filters


In the post, different method are discussed for how to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook on another computer. The first two methods i.e. Method 1 and Method 2 are only suitable for users who have time to export WLM files one by one and they are not important. Moreover, users with technical background can use these methods. On the other hand, if we talk of Method 3 it is professional, reliable, time-saving and has a functionality to batch export Windows Live Mail to Outlook in a single round conversion. To know more about its processing, get the freeware edition of the software now that allows to export first 25 files per Live Mail folder to Outlook free of cost.