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How to Import Postbox mailbox to Gmail using MBOX to Gmail Converter

Thinking of Export Postbox to Gmail? You have landed on the right page. Today, here we will be talking about how to transfer mailboxes from Postbox to Gmail / G Suite. Postbox is a desktop email application for both Windows and Mac OS. Postbox is a slick, simple, and affordable email application which doesn’t come with extraordinary features. In terms of simplicity, Postbox is a great choice.

Why Export Postbox to Gmail?

Gmail / G Suite is a very powerful and established web-based email client. With powerful capabilities and security features. Gmail is the most used email client across the world. So, Definity everyone tends to switch to Google Apps to take benefits of its features. So now, the question is How to Export Postbox Mailbox to Gmail. Postbox has no direct option to Export Postbox Mailbox to Gmail. Postbox store its data (emails and attachments) in MBOX file format. So here first, we need to Export MBOX files from Postbox.

Locate the Postbox MBOX files:

Postbox 5 version and below:

  • Windows OS: Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Postbox

Postbox 6 Version and above:

  • Windows OS Location: Users\username\AppData\Roaming\PostboxApp

Note: Both Library and AppData folders might be hidden by default. You must enable viewing of hidden folders and data to locate it.)

you will get 3 kinds of the file format:

.msf – Index file

.sbd – Database file

No extension file (like Inbox, outbox, drafts, etc,) – Real MBOX mailbox file

You can also Export MBOX files from Postbox just in case you are not able to find the mention default location:

  • Open Postbox application
  • Go to the tool option from the menu
  • Then click on “Options”
  • After that Options screen will be open where you need to go to the “Accounts” and then go to the “Local Folder” from the left side penal and then copy the local directory.

Past the coped location in the search browser and go with it. Then you will get all the data of your Postbox user account.

Postbox to Gmail Converter to Export Postbox mailbox to Gmail

We came up with a solution that can not only provide accurately and 100% results but also make this Postbox to Gmail conversion effortless and less complicated than the manual and other methods. The conversion process in Windows is completely error-free. The Postbox to Gmail guarantees the keep of all formatting and metadata items includes header items, links, inline, table, images, etc. Postbox email attachments are kept along with the email into their original formatting.


You can download the free demo version of the software and export Postbox to Gmail. The demo version valid to export the first 25 emails from each Postbox mailbox to Gmail proficiently.