Best Way to Export Multiple Outlook Mailbox to PDF Format without Outlook

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Are you looking for a solution to export multiple Outlook mailbox to PDF format with attachments? But do not know how to export Outlook mailbox to PDF? Then, no need to worry as this blog is going to explain the possible techniques in order to import Outlook folder to PDF format. Read this blog to know more about a solution on how to convert multiple Outlook emails to PDF in a more hassle-free manner without taking much time and efforts.

Nowadays, there are several different email applications that are being too used in order to sending and receiving the mails along with attachments. MS Outlook and Adobe Reader both applications support different file formats. Moreover, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most famous and most preferred email application. It commonly used to manage and save entire Outlook mailbox data in it. Whereas, the PDF file is created by Adobe Acrobat application. It is used to show the portable documents in a machine. The PDF is a portable document file and the most secure format to store all data items in it. For those reasons, user are searching for a solution to export multiple Outlook mailbox to PDF with attachments without Outlook. So, in the following segment, we are going to explain the best possible method to move Outlook PST to PDF file format in an easy way.

How to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF Adobe?

There are different possible solutions to export Outlook emails into the PDF format. In this upcoming section, we will be explains two techniques in a simple way. So, following the provided steps to save Outlook emails as PDF format:

Method#1. Export Outlook Mails to PDF through Adobe Acrobat

Alike to Microsoft office suite of email applications, once a user installs Adobe Acrobat application later than installing Microsoft Outlook, then a quickly and easily open will be inserted by itself to the Adobe Acrobat into MS Outlook program. For this, follow below-listed steps:

Open MS Outlook and hit on the Adobe Acrobatin the toolbar.

Then, you will get two options:

  • Attach-as-Adobe-PDF: This involves that each and every mail attachment, be it PowerPoint presentation, or MS Word document, Text file, or many other would be saved as PDF.
  • Attach-as-Secured-Adobe-PDF: In this option, the user can save the documents as well as attachments as secured PDFs, means that files will then be secured and protected from open/copy/print operations.

Method#2. Save MS Outlook Emails as PDF Document

Step 1. First of all, download and install the Microsoft Outlook application and choose Adobe Acrobat program from the toolbar.

Step 2. Now, some options will be opened like – Selected-Messages, Selected Folders, Change-Conversion-Settings, and last Setup-Automatic-Archival.

Step 3. After this, you will get two possible solutions for migrating Outlook emails to PDF:

(A)Migration of selected emails to PDF: in these steps, you can choose both option i.e. Created-New-PDF or Appended-to-Existing-PDF options. Once any user is having the email data that keeps updating, then it needs to append some existing PDF making the mail item complete.

  • Choose the email to save as PDF and right-click on it.
  • Locate to “Convert-to-Adobe-PDF
  • give the name for the PDF
  • Hit on the “Save” option
  • Adobe Acrobat stores mail along with the attachment.

(B)Conversion of selected mail folder(s) to PDF format:

  • While to save time, you must save all data items wanted to be exported to PDF in a specific folder.
  • Now, press the Selected Folders on the toolbar.
  • At last, hit on the folder for the beginning process to move Outlook mails to PDF format.

Step 4. After exporting Outlook mails to PDF, then open in Adobe Acrobat just like emails, you can press any mail for seeing the entire email message and hit on the attachment’s hyperlink for opening it some other window. It is beneficial to view all mails arranged in a perfect way.

Drawbacks of Manual Approaches

  • This process consumes more time as compared to professional tools in order to convert & export Outlook emails to PDF document.
  • It is only useful to migrate a few mails to PDF. It is not capable to move multiple data from Outlook mail to PDF format.
  • MS Outlook installation is required for the manual procedure.
  • Using the manual process, it chances to data loss and corruption problems. So, users are always suggested to have PST file backup before carrying out this solution.

Opt Expert Solution – Export Multiple Outlook Mailbox to PDF without Outlook

If the free solution fails then opt the best and perfect Outlook Converter tool. It is an all-rounder solution to move Outlook PST files to PDF format without installation of MS Outlook.  This software easily converts bulk Outlook mails to PDF file format with attachments without any data loss.

Last Lines!

In this blog post, we have explained the manual techniques to export Outlook emails into PDF with attachments. But, manual solutions are too lengthy and time taking process and there are risks of data loss also. For those reasons, a user does not prefer to go with free manual solutions. So, users can go for a perfect professional software anytime that can export multiple Outlook mailbox to PDF format with attachments without taking a lot of time.