[Fixed] Removing iPhone Verification Failed Error 2024

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fix iphone verification error

Summary – When attempting to delete the iPhone, the problem arises because of inadequate internet connectivity, mistyped Apple ID passwords, etc. To check if the verification failed issue has been resolved, try performing a force reset, disabling ‘Find My iPhone,’ or resetting the Network Setting on your smartphone. Discover also how to completely erase your iOS device when recovery is not an option by using a professional iPhone erasure tool to fix the iPhone Verification Failed error.

“I want to exchange my iPhone 14 for an iPhone 15, thus I’m trying to wipe all of its info. But each time, the error “Verification Failed” keeps coming up. How can I resolve this issue and what’s causing it?”

It is essential to erase all data from your iPhone before selling, trading in, or gifting the device to protect your personal information. This renders the data on your device inaccessible to others and guards against identity theft.

On the other hand, Apple consumers frequently lament seeing the message “Verification failed when trying to erase iPhone.” Users are unable to remove the data from their iPhones due to this problem. Incorrect Apple ID credentials, server-related issues, or a sluggish or unreliable internet connection can all cause the “Verification failed error.”

However, there are a few more ways to resolve the “Verification Failed iPhone erase” error, like forcing a reboot of your iPhone or resetting the network settings. For a thorough walkthrough of each of these procedures, read this blog.

Why Doesn’t iPhone Error Verification Work?

The error “verification failed when trying to erase the iPhone” can have several causes. Several typical reasons include:

  • Poor internet connection.
  • Entered the wrong Apple ID password.
  • The servers for Apple IDs are unavailable.

How Can I Fix My iPhone’s Failure to Verify Verification?

We’ve covered a few solutions to the problem, including: “Attempting to erase iPhone resulted in verification failing.” Take a look at each of these fixes individually to see if it resolves the problem.

Verify Your Connection to the Internet

If verification fails when attempting to wipe the iPhone, it can be the result of a shaky or unreliable internet connection. Try placing the iPhone in Airplane Mode, turning it off, and then resetting the network connection in the Settings app.

Verify the Status of Your Apple ID

If the Apple ID server is unavailable or the iPhone cannot connect to it, the data will not be erased. From the Apple System Status page, you may check the status of the Apple ID server.

Disable Find My iPhone.

The activation lock on your device will be enabled if you have Find My iPhone turned on. This implies that to erase your iPhone using the Erase All Content and Settings choices, you will need to enter your Apple ID and password. Nevertheless, while attempting to wipe their iPhones, users frequently enter the wrong passwords and receive a verification-failed error.  

To remove the activation lock, consider turning off the Find My iPhone feature on your phone. This is how you do it:  

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPhone.
  • At the top, tap your profile.
  • Click on Find My by swiping down.
  • Next, press and hold the Find My iPhone button to turn it off.

Log out of your Apple ID.

If you want to remove your iPhone without going through the authentication process, you can even attempt to sign out of your Apple ID. Any data stored in iCloud will still be accessible when you sign out of Apple ID, but it will no longer be accessible on your device unless you have a copy of it on your iPhone.

Restart or Apply Pressure to Reset the iPhone

Restarting your iPhone after turning it off usually fixes most problems. Thus, restart your iPhone if the verification process does not work when attempting to remove it.

To access the Power Slider, restart your iPhone by holding down the Power button. Next, slide it to switch off your gadget. Restart it after that and attempt to delete your iPhone once more.

If you continue to receive error verification failures when erasing your iPhone, try a force restart or hard reset. Here’s the method:

  • iPhone 8 and Latest Models: The volume up and down buttons should be pressed and released in that order. After that, tap the side button to see the Apple logo.
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears and the screen goes black.
  • iPhone 6s, iPhone SE 2, and previous models: Press and hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously, then watch as the screen turns dark and displays the Apple logo.

Reset Network Configuration

You may potentially encounter the error “Verification failed when trying to erase iPhone” if you have inadvertently altered your iPhone’s settings. You must reset your device’s network settings in such a situation. It can be done as follows: 

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone and select General.
  • Click on Transfer or Reset iPhone after swiping down.
  • Next, select Reset Network Settings by tapping Reset.
  • To verify the reset, enter your iPhone passcode.
  • Try wiping your iPhone again when the reset is complete.

Use the Expert iPhone Erasure Tool to Erase your iPhone

Use a professional iPhone Erasure Tool if, after attempting the previous troubleshooting steps, you continue to receive the error verification failed error when attempting to delete your iPhone. To delete an iPhone beyond the point of recovery, use the safe and effective CubexSoft iPhone Eraser Tool.   

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Note: Before wiping your iPhone data, make a backup copy on an external drive or cloud service.


If the iPhone won’t wipe because of a verification failed error, try checking your internet connection or giving it a hard restart to fix the problem. To fix this issue, you can also reset the network settings or stop the Find My iPhone feature.   

Nevertheless, if attempting to delete the iPhone fails and the manual approaches are unable to resolve the issue, To complete the operation, use CubexSoft Data Wipe for Mac Tool, the greatest iPhone erasing software. Your iPhone and even iPad can be effortlessly erased beyond the point of recovery with this safe and user-friendly app.