How to Delete Duplicate Attachments in Outlook? – Best Solution in 2024

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As is well known, Outlook is the email client service that many businesses or employees use most frequently to provide information about their daily jobs. As a result, users experience numerous duplicate attachments, which grows the size of the Outlook database and causes users to experience performance concerns. Therefore, removing duplicate attachments from Outlook is crucial. See the user query to gain a better understanding of the problem and broader circumstance.

Hello, I work closely with numerous partner organizations and we frequently use Outlook for document sharing and collaboration. I will therefore experience fewer Outlook storage space concerns after a given amount of time. I’ve made an effort to remove a few things, but I still can’t seem to clear up that much room. Subsequently, I observe multiple email attachments. I therefore decided to remove duplicate attachments from Outlook, but because there are so many duplicates, it is not possible to remove them manually in that case. So, if you know the answer, please assist me.

The aforementioned attachments take up a lot of space in an Outlook mailbox, which will reduce the productivity of the user program. Thus, we’ll talk about how to delete duplicate attachments in Outlook in this article.

Why Is It Necessary to Delete Duplicate Outlook Attachments?

Users may want to remove attachments from Outlook for a variety of reasons. Below is a summary of some of the primary causes.

  • To allow the Outlook application to have more server capacity.
  • Because of the different kinds of malware and viruses that are attached to emails and damage your private and sensitive data.
  • When these attachment files are kept in your drive account, they are simpler to organize and manage.
  • To avoid using up extra space in the Gmail account.
  • While making sure the inbox folder is ready to receive new emails.

Users are required to remove attachments from Outlook webmail for all of the reasons mentioned above. Therefore, we will go over the best approaches to delete in the following part.

Manual Methods to Remove Duplicate Attachments in Outlook

There are two techniques in the manual method. Depending on what you need, you can choose another. The first manual method will remove the duplication from the attachment line; the second method will delete any duplicate attachments from the email body. Let’s get into more detail about each manual method.

#1. Eliminate Duplicate Attachments from the line of attachments

  1. Primarily, launch Outlook, locate the mail with several attachments, and open it.
  2. After that, look under the header next to the message icon to see if the attachment is there.
  3. Once that is done, choose the attachment and make a right-click before selecting “Remove Attachment.”
  4. Select “remove attachment” on the pop-up window that appears to confirm the removal.

#2. Eliminate Identical Attachments Existing in the Body of the Email

  1. Open Outlook first, and then click on the mail that has duplicate attachments.
  2. Next, click on the attachment to make it more visible. When you accomplish that, a dotted line will appear.
  3. Next, choose Actions from the Move menu. Next, select the Edit Message option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Next, use your keyboard’s Delete key to remove the duplicate attachment.

Therefore, if you want to manually remove duplicate attachments from Outlook, these are the manual methods. You can attempt to use any of these techniques but proceed very carefully when following the directions. You would not want to endure the inadvertent deletion of the original attachment due to negligence. Therefore, you must proceed with extreme caution while attempting to remove duplicate attachments from Outlook by hand to avoid such a disastrous outcome.

Additionally, you can get the way to do the process without any hassles by reading the next paragraph. It is a failsafe, dependable, and completely safe solution. It’s very simple to use even for inexperienced users to get desired outcomes.

Pro Solution to Delete Duplicate Attachments in Outlook

CubexSoft Outlook Duplicate Remover is a solution designed to get around the drawbacks of the manual way. This tool’s sole purpose is to remove duplicate items from Outlook. Duplicate emails, contacts, calendar entries, journals, and notes are handled by this tool. This tool is a one-stop shop for all of your Outlook folder deduplication requirements. It expertly copies your Outlook attachments without compromising the original data in the slightest. It also improves Outlook’s performance by getting rid of unnecessary junk.

Software Working Steps to Remove Duplicate Attachments from Outlook

win download buynow

Set up and run the application on your Windows device.

Using any of the available options in the software window, add your Outlook folders.

View the Outlook mailboxes folder from the additional data as needed.

Next, choose a location path for the generated files and one of the two search options to find duplicate attachments.

Finally, to start the deduplication process, click the Remove button.

It only takes a few easy steps to remove all duplicate attachments from Outlook. To obtain a safe and simple deduplication, use this software. Additionally, this program has a ton of additional fantastic features.

Top Advanced Features for Removing Duplicate Outlook Attachments

  • You can immediately upload your Outlook data by using the Select Configured Outlook Mailbox Data option.
  • It produces a log report for users automatically once the operation is finished.
  • All of these useful features help the program function as a whole and facilitate easy, hassle-free task completion.
  • Easily eliminates redundant calendars, contacts, emails, attachments, notes, tasks, and other data from several Outlook folders without affecting system performance.
  • Removes duplicates from Outlook PST and OST files while preserving the Meta Properties, correctness, and consistency of the data and attributes.
  • Allows you to remove duplicates from the PST files you’ve chosen and save data in a new PST file at the place of your choice.
  • Developed using a sophisticated algorithm that looks for duplicate items in the given folder or the same folder automatically.

Wrapping up:

We covered several approaches to get rid of duplicate attachments in Outlook accounts in the blog post above. We offered you solutions that were both automatic and manual. There is a danger associated with the two options we mentioned for the manual approaches. You risk losing important data if you don’t use extreme caution when following the manual technique guidelines. Thus, technical professionals advise utilizing the aforementioned professional remedy to avoid such from occurring.