How to Combine Multiple MSG Files into One PDF? Manual v/s Professional Solution

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Are you having a bunch of MSG files and want to save them as a single PDF document? Then, read this blog that will explain exact solution for how to combine multiple MSG files into one PDF file. But before jumping to the solution, let’s first understand MSG, PDF and the reasons for saving MSG files as PDF.

Overview – MSG and PDF

MSG is the file format of single email message, primarily associated with MS Outlook. It contains all its headers (to, from, cc, date, subject etc.), message body, hyperlinks and attachments in plain ASCII text. To create MSG file from Outlook, you can simply select the email messages, then drag and drop them at any location of your system hard drive.

PDF file on the other hand is a Portable Document Format, created by Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF supported application. It’s a platform independent application and is usually used to save files and documents in standard format, to be viewed in exactly same way, irrespective of the Operating System platform they are being viewed on.

Why Saving MSG files to PDF is Crucial?

Listed below are some of the common reasons, responsible for converting Outlook MSG files as PDF format :

  • PDF is a more secure file format, as compared to MSG file
  • MS Outlook (commercial product) is required to access MSG files, while Adobe Reader (Free product) is required to view PDF files.
  • PDF files can be opened in any platform – Windows, Mac, Linux. MSG files, on the other hand, can be opened in Windows OS only.
  • PDF files can be secured with password protection to make them safe from unauthorized access by unwanted users.

Is there any manual method to combine multiple MSG files into one PDF?

Yes there is a manual method which can be used for merging multiple MSG files to PDF, but there are some pre-requisites that you must follow before using it.

  • MS Outlook 2010 edition must be installed on your system with MSG files properly saved in it.
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat DC is required.

Now follow the below steps to complete the process :

  • As you install Adobe Acrobat DC on your system, a new tab Adobe PDF will appear in Outlook.
  • As you click on this tab, under Convert tab, two sub options will open – Selected Messages and Selected Folders
    • Selected Messages – This option is used for saving selected email as PDF, either as a new PDF or appended into the existing one. To convert single message as PDF, select the required message using right click >> choose Convert to Adobe PDF.  In the new window that opens, enter the name of the PDF and click on Save. The selected email will be saved as PDF along with embedded attachments
    • Selected Folders :  This option is used for saving multiple messages as PDF. To combine multiple MSG files into one PDF, click on Selected Folders >> select the required folder and all your MSG files of the selected folder will be saved as one PDF.

Now open the PDF document in Acrobat Reader, all messages will appear in same manner, as they used to appear in Outlook. On the top half the list of messages will appear. Click on a particular message to read its contents in the bottom half of the document. The attachments, if any, will show as hyperlinks. Click on hyperlinks to open attachments in new window.

What if you don’t have Outlook 2010 installed on your system? Then, how will you save Outlook files as PDF? As you can see that Outlook installation is must for manual method, you can’t perform this task in Outlook’s absence. Also, any user having Outlook 2003 or 2007 edition must need to upgrade their Outlook edition to 2010, which is not feasible every time. and this option is absent in Outlook 2013, 2106 and 2019 editions too. So what is the solution now? How to combine multiple MSG files into one PDF without Outlook installation?

Outlook MSG File Format to PDF Converter – Expert Third Party Solution

To help users easily resolve their issues of merging multiple MSG files to PDF, an expert third party utility is suggested. MSG Converter to PDF is a complete professional utility that allows conversion of unlimited MSG files to one PDF at once. Moreover, the software provides dual options for saving attachments as per user requirement. The working of this software is very simple for non-technical users to follow. Moreover, there is no need for Outlook or Acrobat Reader installation to use this software and it supports all editions of MS Outlook (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 etc.) and Acrobat Reader (DC, 11, 10, 9, etc.)

How beneficial is using expert Tool?

  • Combine multiple MSG files into one PDF : The software is complete professional solution to help users merge multiple MSG files into single Adobe PDF document, with all email properties accurately preserved.
  • Save email attachments in dual modes : the software provides two options for saving email attachments :
    • Embed Attachments in PDF : this option will save all the email attachments and embeds them within the PDF document
    • Save Attachments in Separated Folder : this option will save all the attachments in a separate folder.
  • Provides ease of use for all users : The software has simple GUI, thus, no technical training is required to use it or converting MSG files to PDF.
  • Independent application : Works without Outlook and Acrobat Reader installation. Note : Acrobat Reader is required only for viewing PDF files.
  • Supports all editions : The software is suitable for all editions of MS Outlook, Acrobat Reader, Windows (32bit and 64bit) OS.


Combining multiple MSG files into a single PDF documents makes it easy for users to manage their data conveniently. Here we have discussed both manual and automated solution for the same. Users can opt any option as per their requirement. As per my suggestion, using a professional method will help you get desired results. To know more about its working, download its free demo edition and combine first 10 MSG files to one PDF, as a trial. After getting desired results, you can go for the licensed edition of the software.