How to Deal With the Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Issues and Challenges?

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While Lotus Notes to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 migration, users can face multiple and different kinds of challenges and issues, which can lead to confusion and complexity even for technically sound users, So, if you are thinking for manually export Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365, then you should about the challenges and issues that you can face while Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 migrate and get prepared for it. This article is all about major Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration issues.

Challenges and Issues Faced by Users while Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

Hybrid Deployment Issue – Almost businesses want to keep their data on-premises after migrating to Office 365. In order to this, the migration process becomes more challenging and complicated. A hybrid will make more difficulties in the process. This is worthwhile in business which must need to maintain a large database on the Cloud Web as an active and a small database on-premises a secondary service.

Malware Issue – It should be great care while looking for a solution to perform conversion as it imports malware and virus with it when you download it. If your machine is infected with any virus and malware, then there could be multiple issues and challenges which obstruct Lotus Notes Migration to Office 365 process and make it a hostile task. Also, this can you to data loss.

Bandwidth Issue – Having wide bandwidth is a must to switch data from On-premises services like Lotus Notes to Office 365. Small Bandwidth can be a big problem for an enterprise which required to export a huge amount of data from Lotus Notes to Office 365. In that case, it will cause frustration to the users who need to perform the migration.

Issue of Data Migration – Erratic migration process or meddling due to other programs installed, there is a chance that some files are not migrated to the targeted location or lost during the migration process. This situation would not be acceptable for any user. It is not cool for any Lotus Notes users to find an actual solution that export all Lotus Notes Mailbox data to Office 365 cloud.

Issue of Email Unifying – While migration to cloud account, files from an on-premises client like Lotus Notes to leave their natural milieus and adjust the Microsoft Exchange environment totally. Both applications have a different environment and it becomes so hard to export complete data to Office 365. Cloud Office 365 limits the attachments with 25 MB size.

How Can We Deal with These Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Issues and Challenges?

Above mention issues and Challenges are very communal can become a headache for a user at the point of the migration process. So, to overcome these problems. Users can use higher Bandwidth connection, by hosting file-sharing programs for substituting very large email attachments, etc., implement single sign-on with Active Directory Alliance Services for co-existence maintenance among on-premises and cloud.

So because of all these factors, users are looking forward to a good migration solution that helps them with Lotus Notes to Cloud Migration without any complication, error, and data loss. And for sure manual processes are very complicated and problematic and unable to overcome the Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 challenges. So here we are recommending CubexSoft Lotus Notes to Office 365 Converter Software that allows users to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 without any issue and challenges and unable users to overcome from all the migration issues. You can export whole or selective NSF data from Lotus Notes and Domino Server to Cloud application. Try this Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration tool.