How to Backup Mailbox Apple Mail to External Hard Drive?

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If you are looking for guidance on how to backup mailbox Apple Mail to external hard drives, then you are at the correct place. In this blog post, you will find all the important information regarding archiving your Apple Mail emails on external storage devices such as hard disks, USB flash drives, etc.

You must note that in order to export Apple Mail emails to an external hard drive, first, you need to move its emails to an MBOX file format which can be moved to any destination drive either external or internal. Luckily, Mac Apple Mail facilitates a direct method to save its data to an MBOX mailbox format. It should also be noted that MBOX mailbox emails are not supposed to be opened or viewed by every application specifically MS Outlook; so if you want your Apple Mail emails to be exported and saved in PST file format, you have to go with the reliable approach or tool to convert the MBOX files in PST format and then you can save it to an external hard drive. We will also highlight a proficient tool for such migrations later in this section.

Now, keeping aside the fact that it is possible to backup Apple Mail mailbox to external Hard Drive, the main query here is how to do that and most significantly why users need to move their emails to an external storage device?

Well, here are few common reasons why a user requires backing up their Apple Mail emails to external hard drives.

Reasons to Backup Apple Mail Mailbox to External Hard Drive

Archiving or Backing up emails in much important task for bothering individuals and professionals. Many times emails get affected by virus infections and unauthorized accesses; in such situations, you backed up data is the only hope left for you. But, there are multiple other benefits for backing up your emails on external devices. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Retrieving data from backup much easier and cheaper than using other data recovery means.
  • In case your email account gets hacked, you will lose all your crucial data from your email application. In that case, a backed-up USB flash drive will allow you to get back all your lost data.
  • Email platforms whether web or desktop have limited storage capacity; so, backing up your data to an external drive will optimize the memory space of your respective email applications.
  • Saving your crucial data on external hard drives assured protection from external threats and physical damage or corruption.

Now, we will go with the actual process to backup the Apple Mail mailbox to an external hard drive. You can apply the process manually through the client itself.

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Manual Way to Backup Apple Mail Emails to an External Hard Drive

  1. Launch and open your Apple Mail application on the Mac system.
  2. Choose the mailbox folder you wish to move.
  3. Then, hit on the Mailbox from the options of the menu bar.
  4. Choose the “Export Mailbox…” option from the list.
  5. Now, select a destination drive to save the desired MBOX file and hit on the Choose

Upon implementation of the above-mentioned steps, your selected data gets accurately transferred to the specified location. Though, this common method has restrictions in terms of usability and platform of the data. Let’s take an example – you need to move the exported data from the external storage device to a Windows system. Knowing the fact that you have to install an email application, which supports the MBOX file to access those files, you will choose to applications that might not treat the MBOX file the same as it was treated by the source client. But, professional email applications like Outlook does not support the MBOX file format. In that type of scenario, you will have to export MBOX mailbox in PST format to access your data in Microsoft Outlook. The most suggested method to sort out this problem is to use the reliable migration tool to migrate the output MBOX files to PST files.

Now, with so much of resources exist online, it’s hard to find the exact or direct solution that accomplishes or satisfies your needs. Well, you don’t really need to judge yourself in this long quest of an Internet search to find the right one. We suggest CubexSoft MBOX Converter for your migration task.

MBOX to PST software is a well-developed utility for users to convert their MBOX mailbox emails in Outlook supported PST file format with attachments in an easy way. It can convert the bulk MBOX mailbox database to PST format in a single process. It provides not only PST as saving options, but even it provides too. By using this MBOX Converter software, you can save MBOX emails in PST, PDF, EML, MSG, EMLX, RTF, HTML, MHT, XPS, Zimbra, and Lotus Notes without any error. So, it is the best solution for you to backup your MBOX mailbox emails as PST file format into the external hard drive.

The Concluding Words

Whether you are a technical or non-technical user, taking a backup for your crucial emails will have important benefits over time. Mac users are always searching for a diverse method to protect their data. So, in this post, we have covered all important information on how to backup mailbox Apple Mail to external hard drive.