How to Migrate & Forward AOL Email to Office 365 – Manually & Alternatively

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How to migrate AOL emails to Office 365 cloud account in simple steps, read this blog to solve the above mentioned query and get manual & alternative AOL to Office 365 migration solutions which explains about how to forward emails from AOL to OWA profile with lots of benefits.

American Online (AOL) is a worldwide mass media commercial firm that offers multiple web supported applications and solutions for business dealing and data management. AOL mail is the free webmail service of American Online and it is provided by Verizon Communication in July 2015. AOL mail is the most popular email service among American Users but now lots of users have started facing problem to access their AOL profiles accounts. Therefore, they are going ahead for searching alternate solutions and Office 365 is one of the best cloud app, to forward AOL emails to Office 365.

Why Move AOL Mail to Office 365 Cloud Application

For connecting AOL Webmail app, lots of users are facing difficulties while Microsoft Office 365 cloud is available with good functionalities so users would like to move mails in OWA from AOL Mail. Reasons may be many for AOL backup data email to Office 365, some of which are given below –

  • Inaccessibility of AOL Mail service is the first reason among users to move or transfer AOL email data to Office 365. Sometimes, users face sudden shutdown error in AOL Webmail Server during the time of accessing email accounts.
  • All business organizations seek for commercial solutions which provide maximum facilities and today MS Office 365 is more popular in functionalities than AOL Mail.
  • According the security functionality of Office 365 is more reliable that AOL Mail Server.

Let’s Focus on AOL to Office 365 Migration

Moreover, transferring emails from AOL Mail Server to Office 365 is not a simple task because any direct export or import function is not available in AOL & OWA to complete this task and its reason is that both Cloud Applications are absolutely different from each other but a manual & alternative migration solution is probable which can complete this task and using these mentioned processes, users can simply migrate AOL data to Office 365.

How to Migrate AOL to Office 365 Manually in Simple Steps

AOL Mail is a Web supported program, therefore you need Office 365 user account to transfer or forward AOL email to Office 365. Follow provided mentioned below steps to migrate AOL data to Office 365 –

  • Open Office 365 account with your login.
  • Then click on the Settings icon and type accounts in search box. After that choose “Connected accounts” function.

  • A new Window will be opened there, click on + icon and provide a POP3/IMAP account to your Outlook mail.

  • After that provide login credentials of AOL Mail account in the newly opened Window and then click on OK button.
  • A confirmation message will be shown there “Connect your mail account”, click on OK button to complete the process.
  • You can get the AOL Webmail account to the list of “Connected accounts”.

  • Once AOL account is accessed with Office 365 cloud account, users can get all mailboxes in Office 365 user account from AOL.

Note – Novice users cannot do this manual method because technical knowledge of Office 365 is must for implementation of the manual process. Sometimes, due to technical issues or missing any step, it may fail. At this time the alternative solution proves a good solution to properly migrate AOL emails to Office 365.

Alternative Migration solution for AOL to Office 365

To achieve simple, quick, advanced & perfect AOL to Office 365 migration without any change, you can go with AOL Backup Tool that is smart and good choice to migrate AOL data to Office 365 Cloud account. The software enables to directly load AOL Mails data and migrate them into Office 365 without any change. It works smoothly and has all developed functionalities which provides exact outcome in the migration of AOL to Office 365. To know about how to forward AOL emails to Office 365 in simple working steps, follow the given procedure –

  • Download & open the app on your computer screen.

  • Choose AOL as your email source option.

  • Provide AOL login details and click on Login button to connect with mail server.

  • Now the software loads all AOL data, select data for migration and you can also use filters to select data. Then choose Office 365 as your saving option and other desired options. Finally click on backup button to start the process.

  • At the last, software starts migration process with green progress bar and it completes with a green progress bar.


The AOL to Office 365 tool, An alternative solution is exact, simple yet advanced & flawless way to transfer AOL to Outlook Web Online account. On the other side, manual process has some drawback and before going with manual process, users should know them. The AOL to O365 tool also provides free trial edition to check out its working procedure which allow you to import 20 emails from AOL Mail Server to Office 365 without any cost. Therefore, try both methods and decide to go for quick and exact migration from AOL email data to Office 365.