Zimbra Mailbox Export Tool Migrates Zimbra User Profiles to Microsoft 365 in Batch – Case Study

Moving your data from one Email Server Environment to another is a very complex and time consuming task. And when it is being performed between cloud apps, then it becomes much more difficult. Zimbra, as we all know, is a collaboration suite that includes Zimbra Desktop, Webmail and Zimbra Server. Microsoft 365 (earlier Office 365), is another cloud server application that provides complete accessibility from anywhere at any time, provided you have good internet connectivity.

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A USA based firm contacted us for migrating their employees’ data from Zimbra to Office 365 account. They had already tried Demo edition of Zimbra Converter and wanted to purchase its license key. Since they were performing large scale Zimbra to Microsoft 365 migration, they had a few questions, which they wanted to resolve before making the final software purchase.

Hi, we are planning to migrate our company’s users’ database from Zimbra to Office 365. We have already tested your Zimbra Converter with free demo edition and were satisfied with its working. Now we are in the process of purchasing the licensed edition, but first we would like to clear some doubts, which are as follows :

  • We need to transfer our company’s each and every user account from Zimbra Desktop into respective Office 365 user account.
  • We need direct migration of our Zimbra mailboxes to Microsoft 365 account. Your demo edition does exactly that, but will licensed edition do the same, considering the amount of data being migrated.
  • Each and every data item of all user accounts must be transferred into their respective O365 user account, without any data loss.
  • The entire folder hierarchy must be precisely maintained, just like Zimbra Client.

How We Came into the Picture?

Our Migration Expert contacted and guided their system admin and technical team for planning and implementing the entire project.

Since they had already tested the software with demo edition, our expert suggested them to purchase the License Edition (Enterprise) of Zimbra Converter. Before initializing with the migration, they were first suggested to :

Since the accounts were many, the extraction of mailboxes in TGZ files and user account creation in O365 admin account took around 2 working days to complete.

Note: For migrating data from Zimbra Web Client, it is must to login to every user account, one at a time, and extract entire data as .tgz file. You can’t directly create TGZ file from Zimbra Server and therefore, you will not be able to migrate Zimbra TGZ to Microsoft 365 account with this tool.

Once the suggested tasks were completed, their system admin informed us about the same. The planning phase was over and the time had come with the execution of Zimbra to Office 365 migration process.

Now everything was set. They then proceeded with migrating Zimbra user profiles to Microsoft 365 with the Enterprise License of Zimbra Export Tool. Since they were using the Enterprise License, it became easy for them to directly export multiple user mailboxes (now in TGZ files) to O365 account, in single processing.

Once the entire migration process was over, they shared the following results with us :

And finally, we received a thank you mail from the company’s CEO :

"We are all thankful to you for providing us with the best and simplest Zimbra to Microsft 365 migration solution. Without your help and support, it was just an impossible task, but you all made it happen. Thank you again for all your support and dedication."