CubexSoft PDF Bates Stamping : Know How it Works!

Get User Manual of PDF Page Numbering Tool to Know How to add bates stamp on multiple PDF pages and documents


First download CubexSoft PDF Bates Stamping Tool and Launch it accurately on your computer from Start Menu or by double clicking its Shortcut Icon from Desktop. Once, it gets downloaded, the screenshot will be shown as:


Now, you will see two options are present on the software. Click on Generate Bates Number to add bates stamp on multiple PDF pages and if you want to add page numbers on PDF file series, then choose the options Generate Bates Number for File Series.

Choose any one option as per your need and click on Next button


Now click on Add Files or add Add Folders options to add PDF files on software screen


Once you add the PDF files/folders, the software will show their complete list. If you want to delete some files, then you can do so using the Remove button. To remove all files at once, you can use the Remove All button.

Click on the Remove Encryption from PDF files to bates stamp encrypted PDF files. Click Next to proceed further.


Now, choose desired Bates stamp option for inserting PDF Bates Stamp. You can choose any option like Prefix, Suffix, starting number, increment by, series starting number, separator and additional information and its position.

Screen for adding bates number using Generate Bates Number Option

Screen for adding bates number using Generate Bates Number for File Series Option


Now, choose the required formating options for the PDF bates number. You can set the position, font size and color, current date, preferred file name to save the resultant file etc.


Click on Browse button to choose the location to save the resultant files.


The software will now show the summary of the Bates Number. You can go back to change the settings with Back button. Otherwise click on Next button to move further.


Click on any PDF file from the list and hit Preview button to check its preview.

Software showing preview in PDF Viewer.


Now click on Generate button to start the PDF Bates stamping process. The software will start the bates numbering process and show the live progess status, as shown below


On completion, the software shows the message Bates Stamping Process Completed Successfully. Click on OK button to finish the process.

Step 12

Once the saving process is done, you can view the files by navigation to the saving location or in the destination accounts selected previously.