How to Export Emails From Zoho Mail to Outlook

Step-by-Step Process for Zoho Mail Export to Outlook

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Do you want to export Zoho Mail to Outlook? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss the accurate technique to import Zoho Mail in Outlook. So, read further and know how to export emails from Zoho Mail to PST format.

In today's era, emails really play an important role in everyone's life. Almost, every organization uses to exchange of important information or data is done via emails. Therefore, it is clear that the email messages stores lots of crucial information in it and no one wants to lose it. So, it is always suggested to backup important data information on the local machine at the safe location that is not much prone to damage. Moreover, the backup will be more helpful at any of the disaster situation. Among the huge number of email services, Zoho Mail is also one such email that also lets users communicate via email. So, this email client application also contains the very important data that needs to be well-preserved from all type of tragic situation. So, before understand the process of how to add Zoho Mail to Outlook, let us first know about Zoho Mail and why users want to import Zoho Mail EML to PST Outlook.

About Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an excellent email client application that provides a combination of ad-free, clean, simple interface and advance structures that are organized for business and professional use. Zoho Mail suite has Zoho Docs. This means your team can generate, collaborate, and edit text, management as well as database documents with the help of the most sophisticated online editors. You will understanding earlier work and better efficiency with your online office.

How to Extract EML Files From Zoho Mail?

Follow the below-given steps to extract EML files from Zoho Mail:-

Login to your Zoho Mail Account on the right side of screen you can see the setting option, click on the setting option.

Now, the step is to click on the older setting option.

Now, you can get Import/Export option on the left of screen, click on it.

Select the "Export Message" option available on the right side of screen.

A new message box would open which would ask you to choose the location path where you want to save your data.

Why Users Want to Convert Zoho Mail emails to Outlook?

Zoho Mail is very supportive for the business operators to manage their important work in a more suitable and organized way. In another way, we can tell it is a complete set of online services like social services, email connectivity and many more.

But still, users are looking for the effective method to export Zoho Mail to outlook PST file, because Zoho is lacking in its security advancements. This is the reason why the users switch to other email application like Outlook.

Solution to Import Zoho Mail to Outlook

The two methods are discussed below that makes it easy for the users to convert Zoho Mail to Outlook.

Solution#1. Manual Method

Step-by-step process for how to connect Zoho Mail to outlook with manual method.

To perform this approach, both the email clients Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail must be installed on the system.

Step 1 - Connect Zoho Mail to Outlook

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail on your system
  2. In Windows Live Mail>>Click on File>>Export option>>Choose email messages
  3. Now choose the program as Microsoft Exchange and Press Next
  4. A message will pop up as "All email will be exported either to Exchange Server or Outlook". And now click on Ok to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook
  5. Choose an option for complete mail folder or select required mail conversion>> Click Ok.
  6. Once, the process is finished, a successful finishing message will open on the screen>> Click Finish and continue to import Zoho Mail in Outlook.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

As we can see that, there is no direct technique to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook PST format. And, the above process is a very long as well as risky. Also, the manual procedure requires the installation of both supportive applications.

In such condition, the required to third-party solutions like EML Converter Tool. From the following section, you can acquire the professional solution to implement this export process.

Solution#2. Professional Solution- How to Add Emails From Zoho Mail to Outlook

Don't waste your time in downloading Zoho Mail Export to PST manually. It is recommended to take any professional solution by which you can easily save your time. One such solution is Zoho Mail to Outlook Wizard. This is the best tool which allows you to directly import Zoho Mail emails to Outlook along with attachments. It is the tested tool which does not require the installation of any external application. In short, it overcomes all the limitations of the manual process.

Follow step-by-step tutorial to effortlessly export Zoho Mail to Outlook PST including all attachments:

Step by Step process to import PST Files in Outlook

Import PST files in Outlook.

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