How to Extract Office 365 User Details in CSV

Follow Step by Step procedure for extracting O365 tenant's details in CSV format

Office 365 is a cloud based application that has made it possible for users to access their data anytime and anywhere, irrespective of the devices or platforms they are using. Office 365 provides subscription plans, according to different business requirements and thus, both small scale and big enterprises have moved to cloud and doing their business activities from this platform. They use it for emailing purpose and even stores their employees' complete database on cloud. But with due course of time, they feel the need to save a backup of their cloud data as a local copy too, so as to avoid any unforeseen disasters and situations.

To save backup of multiple tenants from Office 365 account, it is necessary to save and export all the user accounts' login details in a CSV file on local system. To know the complete process, follow give below steps :

Steps to Export O365 tenants login Details in CSV File

Follow the below steps to complete the process of saving and exporting CSV file having complete list of an organization's Office 365 tenant's login details.

Step 1 Login to your Office 365 Admin Account

To export your Office 365 tenant's details, you first need to login to your O365 Admin account. To do that, open and login with your Office 365 admin credentials.

Step2 Go to "Admin" to proceed further

Now, click on Admin appearing under Apps categories to go to your admin section.

Step3 Click on "Active Users" to get Active users details

A new window will open. Here, under Admin Center, click on Active Users

Step 4 Select Active Users from the list

A list of Active users will appear. Select all of them once by clicking the topmost checbox appearing alongside Display Name. Or you can select them individually by ticking their corresponding checkboxes.

Step 5 Click on "Export" to save CSV file

Once you have selected the list of users, Click on Export to save their details locally in CSV file format.

Step 5 (a) - Open Exported CSV File - for Office 365 Backup process

On clicking the Export link, the file will start downloading and saved (in CSV format) at the location where all your internet downloaded files are saved. By default it is at Downloads folder, appearing under C:\ drive. (Complete path : C:\users\USER_NAME\Downloads).

Now open the just downloaded CSV file. It will display the complete details of all the exported user accounts.

Select the data appearing under UserPrincipleName column , Copy and paste save it to a new CSV file.

Step 6 (b) - Open Exported CSV File - for Office 365 Restore process

The CSV file will be downloaded and saved at Downloads folder. When you open it, you will get all the details of the exported user accounts.

First select the user accounts showing under the column UserPrincipleName, Copy and paste them into a new CSV file. Now add the complete path of the PST files saved at your local system next to the corresponding user accounts, where you want to import PST file in O365 admin tenant's account.