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This Cookies Policy applies to all visitors of CubexSoft ( This cookies policy describes about cookies and how they are used. The use of cookies ensures best experience to all users who are using our services. WE at out site use different types of cookies for analytics purpose to keep track of your search preferences so as to help users see most relevant search results. We also perform periodic audits of all the cookies used at our site. This Cookies Policy is reviewed to ensure that it is up to date after each audit performed.


The term “Cookie” refers to cookie modules and related technologies used for collecting and storing information and data.

Internet Cookie or browser cookie is a small text file which consists of data in alphanumeric format and is stored in the memory of computer systems, smartphones and various internet-enabled devices. A cookie consists of two main components: Name and Content.

A cookie is sent to your computer system or smartphones or web browsers via Web Servers and helps a website in keeping a track of your activities on it. It simply collects the information like your device IP address, browser used for accessing website, link of third party site through you landed on the particular site, demographic details etc.

Additionally, cookies also save details pertaining to you online interests and preferences, thus enabling us to modify our website accordingly. All the details stored via cookies helps us to analyse how you use our website, thereby enabling us to provide you with enhanced user experience.

A cookie can be of any of the following types, depending upon how long they are saved for :

  • Session Cookies: These are stored for as long as you are on a website and are deleted from your system or device, once you exit the browser.
  • Persistent Cookies: These are stored for a fixed amount of time on the system or device even after the browser has been closed. These are activated again, on your each visit to that website.

Types of Cookies used on Website

We use multiple cookies to run our website ( and all its product ads. Your system browser may store some or all the below mentioned cookies:

  • Important or Crucial Cookies: These are very important cookies used for core functionality of CubexSoft Website. These cookies stores a users’ preferences & interests and allows them to visit the website and avail all our services.
  • Analytical or performance Cookies: These cookies provide information about our website performance in different locations. Moreover, it also provides information about users’ interaction with our website including website usage, total time spent on website and web traffic statistics, thus enabling us to improve overall performance of our website.
  • Session Cookies: These cookies help us to enhance your website browsing experience by improving our services. These cookies also helps us in assessing the efficacy of PCC campaigns and affiliated advertising.
  • Behavioural cookies: These cookies collect your information like age, gender etc. based on your web browser history. These cookies enables us to deliver the content of your interest and relevance. We use these cookies to save information about your frequent visits to a particular web page to help us improve your experience and interaction with our website.

Cookies Management and Control

Most browsers allow you to manage cookies via their settings preferences. But disabling them will make the website harder to useand will worsen your experience with the website. Since the website will no longer be your personalized one, it might be possible that you will not be able to save custom setting like search information.

You can control cookies by deleting them from your hard drive, including already set cookies. You can also modify your preferences or setting in the web browsers. You can also manage your cookies by deleting or clearing your browser history. But be aware that deleting or blocking cookies will reduce the website functioning in terms of user preference.

Cookies and Browser Setting

Help feature is provided by all browsers. Using this feature you can know how to prevent the particular browser from accepting a new cookie, how to get notified whenever a browser receives a new cookie and how to completely turn off cookies. Additionally, you can also get help to disable related data used by the browser add-ons such as Flash cookies.

Disable Analytical Cookies

To disable Analytics Cookies used by our website, click here : Google Analytics:

Disable Behavioural Cookies

To disable the Behavioural Cookies used by our website, click :

Additional information

For information related to data collected by us and how we use the collected data, visit our Privacy Policy