How to Import Windows Live Mail Storage Folders into Outlook?

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Finding a way to import Windows Live Mail storage folders into Outlook! No worries, follow the guide and you will get the appropriate way out for the same. The blog has discussed manual way as well as third party direct Windows Live Mail Converter application which will help in importing Windows Live Mail emails, contacts, calendar to Outlook (all editions) without data loss.

Nowadays, every organization depends on multiple email services for communication process. Windows Live Mail has become globally used application to send/receive emails for free with web browser. It is designed and introduced by Microsoft Corp. The application programmed with remarkable interface and advance functioning as compared to earlier versions. After this, Microsoft introduced Outlook email client that is more secure, friendly and delivers great data management facility. Due to this, users are continuously shifting from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. So, follow the post that has discussed all the possible solutions that includes third party too Windows Live Mail Converter for effortless execution.

Common Queries

Few days before, I was trying to send emails from Live Mail but it didn’t allow me to send a message. Moreover, all the messages got accumulated in the mailbox folder for a long time. So, please suggest any effective application that can help in converting Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook PST format.

Yesterday my friend has sent me Windows Live Mail contacts but I am using Outlook application. The contacts are very much important for me and I don’t know how I can access Windows Live Mail contacts in Outlook. If anyone knows a solution, please suggest!

How to Import Windows Live Mail Storage Folders into Outlook 2010?

There are multiple methods that can be used to import Windows Live Mail storage folders into Outlook 2010. The first section will discuss the direct third party approach and later we will be discussing the steps of manual method.

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Third Party Solution to Import Windows Live Mail Storage Folders to Outlook

If the manual method does not work, you can try the process using Windows Live Mail to PST Converter. The application is advance, user-friendly and equipped with easy operational GUI so that all users and professionals can use the solution and batch import Windows Live Mail storage folders to Outlook with emails, contacts, calendar and other folders at once. The software also offers many features such as multiple filters, 30+ saving options, selective conversion and much more. Moreover, the utility is designed with the functionality of direct conversion facility. Follow the steps to know how to import Windows Live Mail storage folders to Outlook using professional and direct solution:

Step 1. Run Windows Live Mail to PST Tool on Windows PC.

home screen

Step 2. Choose Convert Windows Live Mail Profile option if you directly want to import Windows Live Mail storage folders to Outlook. The option will get enabled if Windows Live Mail is installed on the system.

Moreover, you can add WLM files manually by clicking on Select Files or Select Folder button. Select Files option allow to select desired WLM files and select Folder facilitate to add entire WLM folder contains unlimited WLM files.

Scan & Formatted Scan

After choosing desired option, click Next.

Step 3. Software now list Windows Live Mail user account items that will display with checkboxes. Use the checkbox to select desired item or all items for conversion and click Next.

view data files

Step 4. Click Select Saving Option and choose Outlook.

Select Folders Sub-Folders

Step 5. Set Outlook sub-options and filters to carry out desired conversion.

Browse for Folder

Step 6.  At last, press Convert button to start the import process.

Export Process

Step 7. Once the process finishes, a message will appear on the screen “Process Completed Successfully”.  After this, you can import PST file into any Outlook edition. The data will remain accurate and precise.

Export Process

Manual Steps to Import Windows Live Mail Storage Folders into Outlook

Step 1. Run Windows Live Mail and Outlook email client on the same system.

Step 2. Go to WLM, navigate to File, click Export and select Email Messages.

Step 3. Click MS Exchange and press Next button.

Step 4. Dialogue box will display that shows “Export Message”. Click OK.

Step 5. Choose required folder or all folders and press OK.

Step 6. Software wizard now initiate export process.

Step 7. After process completes “Export Complete” message will be displayed.

Step 8. Press Finish button to terminate the process.

Manual method is implementable and with the help of these steps, one can import Windows Live Mail storage folders into Outlook manually. The method is free but some limitations is associated with the process that is discussed further.

Drawbacks of Manual Procedure

The above discussed manual process has some drawbacks that can cause trouble during or after the import process. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Large Windows Live Mail file migration is not allowed.
  2. Chances of data loss during the process.
  3. Shows error and does not work in rare cases.
  4. Process is complicated and lengthy as well for non-technical users.
  5. Installation of WLM and Outlook is necessary.


The whole segment discusses about how to import Windows Live Mail storage folders to Outlook. The first section provided manual steps that allows to perform the process manually. But technical knowledge and installation of both email clients is must. The second section highlight the steps of Windows Live Mail Converter Tool. The application processing is fast and allows to import Windows Live Mail storage folders to Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, Gmail and many more 20+ saving options. Try and test the working of the tool by importing first 25 files from each WLM folder free of cost.