Top Latest Trending Technologies in 2020

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In the Digital world, we all are surrounded with technology and this equipment capture our world so we need to keep update ourselves. Nowadays every company update their software continuously to achieve their targets. Here, is the list of upcoming trends of 2020.

Top Latest Trending Technologies in 2020

RPA (Repetition Process Automation)

RPA is an automation process of repetition of task through the software. It includes data extraction, maintaining customer data, file management and lot of tasks we can do through RPA. The technology helps organization to perform a task automatically without involvement of human force. For e.g. an organization have to promote a product on daily basis in a social media on a particular time so without human interaction RPA, can perform task on regular basis at a particular time.

Cloud computing

If you store your data in a hard disk or pen drive then this process is known as local computing. Nowadays every company have to store the data on a large scale so it is not possible for a enterprise to store huge amount of data on a hard disk, pen drive etc.

Cloud computing provides services to store massive scale of data in their own services center. It leads to cost effective, increase productivity of a company and company can focus more on its core activities.

Block chain

Block chain refers to a blocks or chain that stores your data and provides a high level of security system. The information that are present in a block chain stored in an encrypted form. The upcoming technology is used for transferring the money from one person to another person through a digital signature. It’s difficult for hacker to hack the data because the data is stored in an encrypted form e.g. bit coin app.

A technology eliminate the involvement of third party for e.g. while transferring of money through Paytm or Google pay it includes third party involvement. A user not have to pay transferring fee to third party.


IOT refers to connect your devices from another devices, vehicles, electronic equipment for exchanging the information from each other devices. IOT provides a common platform for connecting these devices and gives you the valuable result as per need.

For e.g. your AC is connected with your smart phone you can control your AC temperature with help of it. IOT helps to connect your smart phones, home appliances, Vehicle and other devices also.

5G Network

5G is a latest upcoming mobile technology, which provides user high speed of network to its user. 5g is an advanced technology that will connect your mobiles, machines and other object also. Basically 5g network will support all the function of IOT (Internet of Things).

5G network leads to development of more software, increase the rate of internet user and develop industrial growth.

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is much closer to the real world. Basically it brings your imagination world into the reality. These technology used in gaming, series etc. to get more real experience. VR technology designed to provide experience that is similar to reality.

Augmented reality: – This type of technology is generally used in the development of mobile apps basically AR enhance the layout and digital details in an app.


It is the most demandable technology. All software companies like Facebook, Google are working for development of artificial intelligence. AI able to perform multiple task and take a self-decision similar to human brain and gives you the productive result. For e.g. Sofia a robot which act like a human being.

AI technology work great in these industries i.e. in hospital, finance, home automation and manufacturing industries. AI technology leads to cost effective productivity efficiency, accuracy and reduce the human force efforts.

Smart Education

Nowadays education system is completely changing, the books are transforming into mobile apps. Now student can easily study at home online through internet. The education system continuously keeps on changing.  Student prefer more to study online rather to learn by offline. Many of us can do online courses also with the help of an amazing website that provides certificate too.

Big Data Analytics

Big data refers to the process of storing the different types of data. The term big data analytics refers to analyse the data by a company to get a meaningful information to reveal the trends, product research, customer behavior and to apply different marketing strategies.

Camera drones

It is a great technology, Drones is an automatic flying robots which is controlled by remotes. The most popular drone camera is DJI phantom 3. It can easily controlled with the help of GPS. It is also known as UAV (Unmanned Ariel vehicle) these camera are used by military forces for air strike and other security purposes.