“Signature” Button Not Working in Outlook 2016 – [SOLVED]

Ritu Roy | Cloud Backup Email Conversion File Repair How to's Software | 3 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

While just surfing and focusing and trying to understand the user query by visiting number of forum sites, I came across with one of the common question that has been put up by a user on Experts Exchange.

There are lot of Outlook users who are having complaints about “Signature” button is not working as normal. So, the following section will highlight the problem and related solutions that a user can implement easily without any hassle.

Actually, the malfunctioning of “Signature” button of Outlook is one of the common issue among users. Generally, if you go to “Mail” tab and click “Signature” in Outlook options, a box will display of the “Signature and Stationery”. In this window, you are allowed to edit or change the signatures as per need. But at times, you will find that it does not work. Even though you click the button, nothing will appear. If you are facing similar issues, here are two approaches discussed to rescue you:

Approach 1. Empty Temporary Internet Files

  1. Go to “Start” menu of the system and navigate to the Control Panel.
  2. Control Panel window will open, click “Network and Internet” and then click “Internet Options”.
  3. Internet Properties window will display >> go to General tab. Now click “Delete” button appearing under “Browsing history”.

4. Delete Browsing History window will be opened >> select the option: Temporary Internet files and website files >> click Delete.

Honestly, discarding temporary internet files may or may not help much. So, if you find that “Signatures” are still not working, then go with the second approach.

Approach 2. Edit Registry

Step 1. At first, ensure that MS Outlook is completely closed.

Step 2. Now go to Start menu of the system.

Step 3. In the search box, type “regedit”and tap “Enter” button.

Note: “User Account Control” box will display, directly click on “Yes” button.

Step 4. Now in Registry Editor, find the following register keys in order:

Step 5. After pitching on “LocalServer32” register key, you will see “Default” and “LocalServer32” value. You need to change the data value of both the two values to the installation directory of Outlook program. Here, let’s take an example of Outlook 2010. Its installation path by default is:

Step 6. Click the “Default” value twice and copy the above mentioned path to “Value Data” field and click “OK”.

Step 7. Equally, double click “LocalServer32” and copy the path and click “OK”.

Step 8. Later, proceed with finding register keys in order:

Step 9. Similar to Step 4, change data value of “Default” and “LocalServer32” to the default Outlook installation path.

Step 10. Finally, click “OK” and close Registry Editor. Start Outlook app again to check if issue goes away.

No One Can Avoid Outlook Issues

Undoubtedly Outlook is a perfect standalone email client or schedule assistant. However, still it is not clear from various errors and crashes. So, no one can claim that they can remove Outlook issues. How can we take a good care of it! By closing Outlook in a normal way. Also, you should be aware of security threats like email borne viruses and etc. Also, it is a fact that MS Outlook is susceptible to corruption, and it is very essential to have a trustworthy and reliable repair tool, that can repair PST file without any trouble.