How Do I Remove and Re-Add An Outlook Account from My Mac?

Sarabjeet Kaur | mac os Outlook Software Technology | 5 minutes read | Modified on: 30-01-2024
remove and re-add an outlook account from my mac

It may be necessary to remove and re-add an account from Mac Outlook for a variety of reasons, most likely a new update, or sometimes your MS Outlook may start to malfunction and cause problems with smooth operation. We have covered in-depth how do I remove and re-add an Outlook account from my Mac in our latest article.

Microsoft Outlook has grown to be a vital application for managing our email communication.  Microsoft Outlook is preferred by many Mac users over Apple Mail, the company’s default email program, for enhanced email communication and powerful safety features. The email platform helps us to organize calendar events, arrange meetings, set projects, keep journals, and send and receive emails in an effective and efficient manner.

Since all of them contain important user data, storing them is beneficial. As a result, this data is automatically stored by MS Outlook in specific data files that are generated by the email client. On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook uses two different data file formats for the two most widely used operating systems, Mac & Windows.

Because Outlook stores all of its data in an OLM format in a single database, removing the account will also delete all of the data from the database in the context of Mac OS. Whereas when you want to delete an account in Windows Outlook, the data file associated with that account will not be deleted; instead, since each .pst file is created separately, you will need to locate each one in order to remove the data.

How to Delete Account and Data from Mac Outlook?

It’s straightforward and fast to remove email accounts from Mac Outlook. You can delete an account from your Mac Outlook by following the detailed instructions shown below:

  • Open Outlook on your Mac desktop.
  • Select Preference from the Outlook Menu.
  • Opt Accounts in the “Personal Settings” row.
  • The list of accounts you have used is visible to you. From the list of accounts on the left side of the bar, pick the ones you wish to delete.
  • Next, tap on the minus (-) icon located at the bottom of the window by scrolling to the left. When presented with a confirmation dialog box to delete the account, click “Delete” to confirm.

Learn How to Re-Add Account in Mac Outlook?

It is the same procedure to add or remove an account from your Outlook Mac. With a few minor changes to the final steps of the process, it’s similar to the procedure of deleting an account in Mac Outlook. Here is the detailed process for adding an account to Outlook Mac, which includes all the steps needed to remove an account.

  • Launch Outlook on your Mac.
  • After selecting Outlook Menu, select Preference.
  • From the row labeled “Personal Settings,” choose “Accounts.”
  • To add an account, navigate to the bottom-left corner of the window, press the plus (+) icon, and then select “New Account.”
  • After entering your password & email address for Office 365, hit “Continue” to sign in.
  • You can use your new account on your Mac Outlook once you’ve successfully signed in.

Even if you wish to add the same account again after removing it from your Mac Outlook, you should backup your OLM data first. You could lose crucial data while deleting or re-adding the account for a number of reasons, including data corruption or loss. You need a reliable way to protect your Mac Outlook – OLM mailbox data in order to prevent such an incident from occurring. So, you can use CubexSoft OLM File Converter Software. It is a highly skilled tool that will undoubtedly guarantee the security of your Mac OLM data even though it might not directly assist you in removing as well as re-adding a Mac Outlook account.

During the procedure of removing and re-adding accounts as well as data, OLM Converter is a perfect software that keeps your OLM data safe. Before you delete the account, the utility can effortlessly extract all of your OLM files, which include all of the mailbox data items i.e. emails, tasks, contacts, calendar, events, notes, and more.

Robust & Powerful Features of Using an Expert Application  

Dual Options to Load Mac Outlook Data– This utility offers a dual option to upload OLM data into the tool panel for migration tasks. One can select either of the “Select Files” or “Select Folder” options to convert bulk Outlook for Mac OLM emails.

Independent Approach-To transfer emails from OLM to another file formats (PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, TXT, CSV, vCard, HTML, ICS, Gmail, O365, IMAP, Thunderbird, etc.), no additional program support is required. The direct option to move complete data is provided by the program itself.

Whole Data Migration– You just need to choose the wanted data files from the list, and the rest of the software will move the opted data.

Save Resultant Data at Desired Location– This application provides you the freedom to save your resulting data to the desired destination path. Also, it keeps all email elements as well as folder structure throughout the conversion.

Compatible with macOS & Win OS– This brilliant software is compatible with all the current editions of Windows OS (11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.) as well as Macintosh OS (macOS 14 (Sonoma), macOS 13 (Ventura), macOS 12 (Monterey), macOS 11 (Big Sur), macOS 10.15 (Catalina), etc.).

Last Verdict

Many Mac users choose to handle their mail communications, tasks, notes, journals, calendars, events, contacts, and other information with Outlook for Mac. The majority of users are drawn to MS Outlook since it provides amazing functionality together with data security. But, Microsoft Outlook has problems on Mac devices just like any other technical service. It sometimes behaves strangely, which causes problems for the users.

You can fix the issue by removing the account from Outlook for Mac and then adding it again. We’ve outlined the process in the write-up above, which you can use to find a solution. However, you can utilize a third-party program like OLM Converter for Mac & Win OS if you’re unable to delete and then re-add your account and data from Outlook Mac. The software will help you in making backups in several file formats. It can also convert OLM files to Outlook proprietary file PST, which is useful if you want to migrate data from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows.