PostBox Email with a Higher Level of Security and Privacy

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In this digital era security and privacy is the most desired factor for email clients. So the PostBox email client has been updated their security and privacy features. In this blog post, you will view the steps through which you can use the higher level of security and privacy of PostBox email application for your important emails.

Enigmail is the official project of PostBox laboratory which allows users to create and manage email accounts in PostBox application by the utilization of the OpenPGP standard. Enigmail is an open source application and can be downloaded and installed by all users.

Installing Procedure of EnigMail Application

You need to install EnigMail application with your PostBox email client.

  1. Download the EnigMail for your PostBox email app.
  2. Through the help of the Tools menu of PostBox account, you have to select Labs section.
  3. By the use of the Preferences tab, you can select Install Labs Project From File…
  4. Now, you need to browse downloaded EnigMail file from your computer system and then install it.
  5. Then, utilize the Compose screen of the PostBox email client to select Preferences option form the EnigMail menu bar.
  6. Click on the Setup Wizard option and after that set up GnuPG and install it.
  7. After the completion of the process, you will get a message “Enigmail is now properly configured and ready for use.”

Configure Process of PostBox Email Client

  • From Preferences, you need to select Accounts and then enter your email account. Then select OpenPGP Security option.
  • Click on the Enable OpenPGP support (Enigmail).

Sharing Public Key

To maintain privacy during the communication with other people, you need to share your public key with the other person and you have to get their public key.

To share the public key of your account you can follow the steps:

  1. Open the Compose screen and then select Attach Public Key from the Enigmail menu.
  2. Now, you can attach the key which you want to share and send that message. You can also ask for the key of that person in the same message.
  3. After receiving the message of public key you need to right click on that key and then choose the option Import OpenPGP Key.

Sending and Receiving an Encrypted and Signed Message

  1. Compose message normally and click on the Lock tab to encrypt and Pencil tab to sign the message from the Toolbar. Now, you can send the message.
  2. If you received a message with encrypted and signed feature, then you need to verify the signing tab.
  3. To certify any sender you are required to follow some steps:
  4. Hit on the Signing icon and select Enigmail Security Info Panel.
  5. After that choose Open Key Properties and then Basic tab > Validity.
  6. Hit on the Certify tab and if you have complete trust on the sender of message then choose the “I have checked very carefully” option and then restart your PostBox application.

After all these steps your PostBox email is now of a higher level of security and privacy.

How to Get Postbox Emails in More Secured MS Office 365?

If you want to move PostBox MBOX files in Office 365 account which is the most secured cloud application, then you need to utilize the software that is the MBOX to Office 365 Migration tool. This software can process all PostBox MBOX files and migrate complete database in the desired account of MS Office 365 application through a direct processing way.