Outlook.com Mail to PDF Tool for Outlook.com Save Emails to Hard Drive PDF

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Want to collect complete knowledge of how to save Outlook.com to PDF file format? Then, go through with this amazing post that especially comes to resolve the user problem of Outlook.com mail to PDF conversion process. Follow the entire post that includes safe and secure Outlook.com to PDF Tool for all technical and non-technical users.

Free Download Outlook.com to PDF Tool to Save & Backup Outlook.com Mail to PDF

Before to directly go with the working procedure of software, here I want to convey you that Outlook.com Mail to PDF Tool offers FREE Demo Edition to perform entire process of Outlook.com save emails to Hard Drive PDF format with attachments.  It will help out to analyse and understand the working process of Outlook.com to PDF Tool before to purchase. After that anyone can apply for its license edition.

Follow the step-by-step guide to save Outlook.com Mail to PDF

Step 1 – First, performer have to download and open the Outlook.com Backup Tool on Windows machine as shown below;

Step 2 – Choose the Outlook.com option from the source list available on the left panel of software screen.

Step 3 – Now, add the correct Login ID and Password of your Outlook.com account so that it can loads the account data for Outlook.com mail to PDF conversion. And, hit on Login button.

Step 4 – In this step, you can see all the Outlook.com folders on the left panel of software screen. You can select any one folders accordingly if you want to perform selective folder conversion.

Step 5 – Choose PDF option to save the database from Outlook.com and opt advance options of PDF format.

Step 6 – Avail multiple filters for transferring selective Outlook.com mail to PDF format. You can filter the file by date, email etc. as shown below:

Step 7 – After getting all the filters, directly go with the Backup button that starts the Outlook.com to PDF conversion process.

Step 8 – Finally, the Outlook.com Mail to PDF conversion complete by showing successful message on your screen as given below:

Why PDF is a Trendy Format Nowadays?

  • Graphic Interface – The PDF format shows the exactly same content and layout no issue which operating system, software or device it is viewed on.
  • Multi-Tasking – This file format permits you to integrate numerous types of content – text, vector graphics, images, videos, audio files, animations, 3D models, interactive fields, hyperlinks, etc. All these elements can be perfectly combined within the similar PDF file and managed as a report, or a portfolio.
  • Suitable Document Format – PDF documents are very simple to create, read by anyone at anytime.
  • Safe & Secure – This PDF document format facilitates with safety feature that will protects complete documents like – watermarks, passwords or digital signatures.
  • Compressed Document – Well! PDF files can includes the unlimited amount of information, and it can be simply compressed into a file size which is easy to exchange while retaining complete control over the size and level of image quality.

How Outlook.com to PDF Tool is Better Comparison to Any Other?

Here we will discuss all the features and benefits provided by Outlook.com Mail to PDF Tool that makes the process very easy and safe. These points are mentioned below:

  • 100% Safe and accurate solution for users who want to perform Outlook.com to PDF conversion procedure.
  • It can directly perform for Outlook.com save emails to Hard Drive PDF format including all attachments.
  • For bulk export from Outlook.com mail to PDF file format at once click, you can opt its batch functionality.
  • Outlook.com login credentials is mandatory to enter to save Outlook.com to PDF format.
  • Selective Folder conversion can be possible by clicking on the checkboxes of loaded Outlook.com folders.
  • Advance options of PDF available as an additional benefit i.e. save separate PDF for each email and save all emails in single PDF.
  • Outlook.com mail to PDF software offers separate 4 options for saving attachments into PDF.
  • File naming conventions also helpful to manage and organize the complete output database as per the requirement.
  • Offers various filters like- email filters and date filters which can be transfer selective emails to PDF format.
  • Outlook.com to PDF Tool is a windows based app that can be directly operable on any Windows OS platform.

Finalize the Post

Many times it is observed that user are looking for perfect PDF document format and for this they are continuously searching the solution for Outlook.com save emails to Hard Drive PDF format. After getting all the user points, we described the entire working procedure of Outlook.com mail to PDF conversion process. The process is very easy to implement which can be perform by all the type of users. First, you can free download Email Backup Tool for converting first 20 emails from Outlook.com to PDF format. For above 20 file conversion, purchase license key of software.