How to Open AOL Email Account in Outlook?

Ritu Roy | How to's Software Technology | 5 minutes read | Last updated on August 19th, 2023,

 “I am using AOL Email application for few years and I have many PFC files saved in my account. From last few days, I am thinking to forward AOL email to Outlook. Because there are many advanced functionality available in MS Outlook email client. Can someone please suggest me how to open AOL Email in Outlook? “  

About AOL Email Application

AOL is an email client application, which is available in webmail as well as desktop application. The AOL is highly trustworthy service that stores their incoming and outgoing email messages, contact information, and bookmarks in the PFC format. It also offers instant messaging, web browsing, etc. Although, the AOL files can only be opened by the AOL desktop, it cannot viewed or opened in MS Outlook. So, in order to make AOL mails open in Outlook users need to download AOL email to Outlook. This article will provide you the solution to archive AOL the manual method.

Why Users Want to Convert Email from AOL to Outlook?

When a specific company is switching from AOL email to Outlook, then users need to safely open their old AOL email messages in Microsoft Outlook.  Because Microsoft offers advanced and unique features, so most of users trying to forward AOL to Outlook. Some of the advanced features of MS Outlook are:-

  • Presence of a extremely secure enterprise email application capability
  • MS Outlook is proficient of cross-program functionalities.
  • Provides advanced Integration with the different inbuilt MS Office applications.

How to Access Emails from AOL to Outlook Manually?

Before you go with manual approach of AOL email to Outlook conversion, I highly recommended you to take a backup of your AOL files. In case any catastrophe can happen at least you have the data to gets and recover. Follow this given steps one by one:-

Add Your AOL Mail Account to Outlook Using IMAP settings

Step 1. Open Microsoft Outlook Application>> Go to “File” menu

Step 2. Now, click in Info>> Select “Account Settings” to open account settings window

Step 3. Then, click on “New” button

Step 4. Mark the checkbox for “Manual Setup or additional server types” after that click on “Next” button

Step 5. Choose the IMAP/POP from the list of options.

Step 6. Confirm the server information section:-

  • Account Type- IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server-
  • Outgoing Mail Server-

Step 7. In the sing in, information section fills the following

  • User Name– email id of AOL Account
  • Password– AOL email password

Step 8. Mark the “Remember Password” and then click on “More Settings

Step 9. Now, click on the “Outgoing Server” from the Internet E-Mail Settings Screen

Step 10. Mark “My outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication” box when “Outgoing Server” tab is visible.

Step 11. Click on “Advanced” and confirm the details

  • Incoming Server: IMAP-Port 993
  • Incoming Server encrypted connection –SSL
  • Outgoing Server-SMTP-Port 587
  • Outgoing Server encrypted Connection – TLS/Auto

Step 12. Then, Click on OK button

Step 13. Once, everything you typed is right then you can get congratulations message, close it then you can use your AOL account through Outlook.

 Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • The manual method involves intricate steps, potentially causing confusion for users unfamiliar with email configurations.
  • The process can be time-consuming, especially for users with a large volume of emails to transfer.
  • Mistakes during manual setup can lead to the loss of important emails or data.
  • The manual method lacks the automated synchronization of emails, resulting in delays in accessing new messages.
  • Labels and folders might not align perfectly during the import process, affecting email organization.
  • Managing attachments manually can be cumbersome, leading to potential errors or missing files.
  • Users need to continually monitor and manage the imported emails, dealing with filters, labels, and potential errors over time.

How to Transfer AOL Emails to Outlook Directly with Proficient Solution

To overcome from the limitations of the manual method and if you also have urgent need to transfer emails from AOL to Outlook PST file format then you can trust on the CubexSoft AOL Backup Tool that is reliable solution to effortlessly migrate all emails from multiple AOL accounts to Outlook PST at once.

The AOL to Outlook tool for Mac & Windows both OS, offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for users looking to migrate AOL email to Outlook. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, this tool enables efficient and secure conversion of AOL mailbox items, including emails, attachments, folders, and metadata, directly to Outlook. Users can effortlessly preserve the integrity and organization of their AOL emails during the migration process. The AOL to PST Tool also provides options for selective data migration, filtering, and robust mapping, ensuring a smooth transition from AOL to Outlook while maintaining the original formatting and data structure. This software proves to be an invaluable asset for users seeking a hassle-free method to transfer their AOL email to the Outlook platform.

Know How to Migrate AOL Emails to Outlook with Complete Working Guide

  • Download, install & launch the AOL to PST tool on your computer screen. Select AOL as your email source.
  • Fill login details of you AOL mail account. For multiple AOL accounts backup to Outlook, use batch mode option. For executing AOL mail accounts to Outlook migration by proxy server details, use proxy server option. Click on Login button.
  • Now it lists all loaded data in tree structure with checkboxes. Select files that you want to save in Outlook PST.
  • Now go with filters tab and choose filters according to your requirement.
  • Select PST as your saving option for Outlook.
  • Choose other desired options and click on backup button to start the process.
  • Migration process will start and complete with a conversion completed successfully.


We explained a manual trick and smart AOL to Outlook tool, both are useful so you can try any explained solution to migrate emails from AOL to Outlook PST. It works on all Outlook editions – 2021, 2019, 2013, 2016, 2010, 2007. Download the AOL email to Outlook tool and evaluate its working efficiency to know how to transfer from AOL account to Outlook PST without any charges. So clear all doubts regarding the migration. To know more about the migration, contact our support team at any time.