Simplified Way to Move Email from Thunderbird to Outlook

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In this time, I have been searching for a perfect solution to move email from Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST. But I did not find any perfect way that can easily transfer my emails from Thunderbird to Outlook with attachments. If you have any proper method to do the same, then please recommend me.

Thunderbird is the open-source cross-free platform email application that is advanced by Mozilla. It used to be the popular and most commonly used email application. But, now the time has different, and users are moving to Outlook because of many reasons.

In this helpful article, we will learn about how can I transfer email from Thunderbird to Outlook including attachments by using two methods – first one is a manual method and the second one is an expertise solution – CubexSoft MBOX to PST Converter on Mac.

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Why Do Users Dislike Thunderbird?

In today’s digital era, most of the users want to use that email application which provides better security, better functionality and too many helpful features for managing all email data. That’s why users are who using Thunderbird email client, want to switch Thunderbird to Outlook. Because in Thunderbird email client RSS feed is not adequately integrated and you cannot manage tasks and calendar is also missing. The Thunderbird email application does not provide good data security and you cannot create rules in this application. However, users want to move email from Thunderbird to Outlook PST.

Why Do Users Prefer MS Outlook?

Outlook has too many functions that force users to use Outlook email client instead of Thunderbird:

  • It is easy to use
  • You can create notes
  • The calendar feature is incredible for daily work management
  • Supports both IMAP and POP
  • Security is good
  • A perfect RSS feed system
  • SPAM filtering is great

As you see, Outlook has a number of benefits over Thunderbird. This is the reason why users are more interested to use Outlook than any other email application. Now, let’s see how to achieve the conversion of Thunderbird to Outlook.

How Do I Transfer Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook Manually?

The manual process is a time-consuming solution for you to move email from Thunderbird to Outlook PST including all emails and attachments. The manual process is capable of only a few emails migration from Thunderbird to Outlook. By following the manual steps you can move only 100+ emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. If you need bulk migration of Thunderbird emails to Outlook, then it becomes greatly chances of data loss. It does not provide any guarantee of success result and for using this manual process you must have some technical knowledge, otherwise, you are not able to do the task by manually.

Step 1. Extract Mailbox from Thunderbird

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird and browse & choose the files which you want to convert
  • Now choose the emails that you want to convert. You can choose the number of emails with the help of ‘Ctrl+A’
  • Now click on ‘Save as’ after right clicking on the chosen emails
  • And as soon as you click on ‘Save as’ the files will be saved in your required location

Moving Email from Thunderbird to Outlook using Expertise Solution

Use MBOX to PST Converter – a proficient tool that helps you to efficiently move email from Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST format along with all emails, emails formatting, meta-header details, layout and attachments in an accurate manner. By using the solution you can transfer a large number of files from Thunderbird MBOX mailbox to Outlook PST in a single migration process without any issue. The MBOX Converter to PST supports not only Thunderbird email client even it supports all MBOX based email client like Eudora, Apple Mail, Entourage, SeaMonkey, Spicebird, Entourage, The Bat and many more. You can effortlessly use this software and successfully achieve the entire process of Thunderbird to Outlook on all Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 11,10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, etc. Mac version is also supported by this software.

Working Process of MBOX to PST Converter:

Step 1. Install and launch MBOX to PST software on your machine, and go to Select Files button.

Step 2. Click on the Add File Option then go through the Select File(s) or Select Folder button to add MBOX files for conversion and click on the Next option.

Step 3. Now take the preview of every select Thunderbird file in the software preview window. Then click on the Export button.

Step 4. Choose output format as PST to save Thunderbird MBOX files into Outlook PST format. Then click on the Browse and select saving location where you wish to save the converted files. After that hit on the Export button to start the process.

Step 5.  Now view the conversion progress during the process. And within a few minute, a new Window will open showing the message of “Conversion is done”.

Step 7. Then press on OK button to complete the process.

Recommendation: Free MBOX to PST Converter

For user’s evaluation, the MBOX to PST Converter program provides free trial edition that works as well as its license edition. With help of the free edition of MBOX Converter, you can test the entire working of the software while moving 25 emails from Thunderbird to Outlook including attachments. For batch migration of Thunderbird emails to Outlook, you need to buy a license edition of MBOX to PST Converter software.