Perform MBOX to Zimbra Migration with Simplified Way

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Here, I am going to brief the step by step procedure to import MBOX emails to Zimbra as a .tgz file format. There are various users who are searching for an easy and direct solution. Though, there is no manual method is exists to export MBOX emails to Zimbra desktop. Therefore, you can go for an alternative solution that I am going to describe in the next section.

Effective Solution to Upload MBOX Mailbox in Zimbra

You can use MBOX Converter for performing the MBOX to Zimbra conversion. The software is specially developed to import MBOX file into Zimbra Desktop application. The benefit of using this method is that it will keep the folder structure, key elements, and hold email attachments. Hence, no loss will happen during the migration from the MBOX mailbox to Zimbra with the help of this tool.

Most Common Benefits of the MBOX to Zimbra Tool:

The software has a number of features and benefits that help users to achieve MBOX emails to the Zimbra export process without any problem. So, now lets’ take a view on its benefits & features:

  • It provides a user-friendly GUI that is easy to use by all users.
  • It gives dual options – Select Files and Select Folder to upload MBOX files or complete folder for conversion.
  • It gives an Advanced Search option to find out the MBOX mailboxes at the local system/hard drive.
  • The preview facility is also provided to view the selected emails before migration.
  • Allow importing MBOX, MBX, MS, and without extension mailbox to the Zimbra TGZ file.
  • Ability to upload MBOX files of all supported email clients such as – Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, PocoMail, Eudora, etc.
  • No need to configure any other application to achieve MBOX to Zimbra migration process.
  • Advance filters are also offered such as Date-Filters, and Email Filters (To, From, CC, BCC, and Subject) to perform selective MBOX files conversion.
  • It gives the option to choose the destination path to save resultant files at the desired location.
  • Save Report option to save a complete report of MBOX mailboxes to Zimbra conversion in a CSV file.

Complete Method to Migrate MBOX to Zimbra – Finest Solution

Step 1. Download, and Install MBOX Converter on your PC.

Step 2. Launch it on desktop, and click on the Select Files.

Step 3. Choose Select File(s) or Select Folder option to import MBOX files for conversion. And click on the Next.

Step 4. Preview all the added MBOX emails before implement the actual conversion step. Then, hit on the Export.

Step 5. Select Zimbra (export as .tgz file) option as output type to import MBOX emails to Zimbra. Then, click on the Browse and choose saving location as per your need. After that, hit on the Export to start MBOX to Zimbra mailbox conversion.

Step 6. After clicking on the Export the software will start the procedure of migration from the MBOX mailbox to Zimbra. You can also view the live progress during the conversion.

Step 7. Within a few moments, it will accomplish the process with a success message i.e. Conversion is done. Then, hit on the OK to complete the process.

Step 8. After completion, you have the converted MBOX files in the TGZ file format at your select saving path. Now, open Zimbra desktop client and press on the Import/Export option.

The Concluding Words

This is how you can import MBOX emails into Zimbra .tgz file format without facing any trouble. The alternate way is the best for quick and effective conversion. No manual configuration is compulsory in the above solution. Last but not least, I suggested using the above technique so that it will decrease your manual efforts and time.