MBOX to HTML Converter – A Solution to Convert MBOX Emails in HTML Format

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A lot of users need to export their emails from MBOX to HTML file format because after moving them into .html format, users can easily access exported .html files with web-browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Vivaldi, etc. without an internet connection.

In this blog post, we are describing step by step process for MBOX to HTML migration, so that anybody can simply export MBOX emails in HTML format to open output HTML files with web-browsers. After exporting MBOX o HTML format, users can easily edit them with HTML Editors too, for example, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML Kit, Microsoft Expression, Edit Plus, KompoZer, Google Web Designer, etc.


MBOX is also known as a mailbox file for saving email messages with .mbox extension that permits saving a number of emails in a single file along with all email attributes and components. There are numerous email applications available which allow saving and migrate MBOX mailboxes in MBOX file format like Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora Mail, etc. MBS, MBX, MBOXO, MBOXRD, MBOXCL, MBOXCL2, etc. are the types of MBOX file.

HTML is known as Hypertext Markup Language file, in an easy language HTML file is a webpage that is coded in HTML and it can be shown in the web browsers. HTML pages are thoroughly using on the web as most of the website owners have developed their static websites with .html or .html formats. The HTML file can be smartly edited with the text editors, therefore users can save them in standard text format by utilizing particular HTML tags.

Reasons to Perform MBOX to HTML Conversion

The reasons depend on the user’s requirement and situation but still, here we are providing a few common thinkable reasons.

  • It is a very lengthy process to read emails from MBOX mailboxes but HTML files can be easily viewed or opened with the web browsers that are the reasons for converting MBOX emails in HTML file format.
  • To save MBOX mailboxes in email applications and email services, it is required to have internet connection but HTML files can be easily accessed even without internet connectivity.
  • It is a very tough task to edit MBOX file details but HTML files can be simply edited with the use of simple text editors.
  • A user cannot access MBOX file details by double-clicking on it but HTML files can be smartly open by double-clicking.

Advanced Tool to Migrate Emails from MBOX to HTML Format

MBOX Converter software is the advanced and easy solution to convert and save MBOX emails in HTML format because it is a separate option to save MBOX mailboxes in the .html format. Therefore it is also known as MBOX to HTML Converter. The software allows you to export bulk MBOX files to HTML format with quick migration speed so that users can export their crucial time and efforts. This tool can be compatible with solving the below-mentioned issues.

  • How to convert MBOX emails into HTML format?
  • Can I convert batch MBOX files in HTML file format?
  • How do I save Thunderbird mailboxes to HTML format?

CubexSoft MBOX to HTML Converter Software Features

  1. The tool gives two options to pick MBOX files from Windows machines such as Select File and Select Folder so that a user can easily choose single or multiple .mbox files to move them to the .html format.
  2. MBOX to HTML Converter allows you to change all types of MBOX mailboxes to HTML format, converted from Mac Mail, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Eudora Mail, Google Takeout, Opera Mail, etc.
  3. The program provides multiple naming options to preserves the name of the output HTML files which best for users.
  4. After choosing a folder with numerous MBOX files, the software displays all MBOX files in the software GUI so that any user can choose only particular MBOX files to export in HTML format.
  5. CubexSoft MBOX to HTML Converter allows you to select the destination location for saving the email messages.
  6. Throughout the MBOX to HTML migration, the software shows the live progress report so that a user can check the live migration with details.
  7. This tool keeps folders hierarchy, email items, email attributes, and email attachments during the MBOX file to HTML conversion.

How to Export MBOX Emails in HTML File?

Just download and install the MBOX Converter and follow the step by step process for moving mailboxes in .html file format.

  • Start the tool on the Windows machine and choose the “Select Files” button.

  • Now choose the “Select File” or “Select Folder” option and load the MBOX files which you want to convert to .html format. After adding .mbox files into the software, press the Next button.

  • Take the preview of every added mailbox email before applying the main conversion step. Then, click on the Export button.

  • Choose PST as an export type option and then also choose PST saving options including Split PST, Apply Filters, and Destination Path. Then, hit on the Export to start the MBOX to HTML conversion process.

  • View the live conversion with a complete progress report.

  • When the software completes the process, it will show the “Conversion is done” message. Then, press the OK button for finishing the process.

The Final Words

CubexSoft MBOX to HTML Converter gives 100% satisfaction to their users by exporting mailboxes with whole accuracy. This software keeps all email items throughout the migration process and it comes with the free trial version so that users can test the working process of the tool before buying the license keys. After trying its free edition, you can buy it for migrating bulk MBOX emails in HTML file format with attachments in a single process.