Kerio to Gmail Tool to Batch Export Kerio Connect User Folders to Gmail Account Directly

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Want a solution to migrate Kerio to Gmail directly? If yes, then the section will give you the guidance and allows move the Kerio Connect mailbox to Gmail with attachments. The article has a secure and direct procedure that will ease the migration burden without utilizing the manual technique.

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Kerio is a popular desktop-supported email server that was introduced in 2001 and takeover by GFI software in January 2017. The server facilitates sending or receive emails, manage contacts and calendar files.

Kerio has numerous products that gained popularity worldwide such as Kerio Connect, Kerio Control, Kerio Operator and Somepage etc. Besides this, Gmail is one of the commonly used provider of email service. It offers remarkable facilities to users such as security, enhanced visual interface etc. Such features force users to implement Kerio to Gmail migration. Let us discuss the process by taking help of some common scenarios:

Hi, my organization needs a reliable way out that could help us to directly migrate Kerio Connect to Gmail. We have tried many techniques but nothing worked. So, if anyone come across of any appropriate solution, please provide the same ASAP!

I am searching a secure tool to move my Kerio Connect account email files to Gmail. Currently, I am struggling in finding the best solution for the same. If anyone has a suitable method, please forward it to us, it’s urgent!

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Direct Reliable Approach for Kerio Connect to Gmail Migration

Kerio Export Tool or Kerio Migration Tool is a safe trouble-free solution to batch migrate Kerio Connect emails to Gmail account at one time. The software allows to add Kerio Connect client files directly and transfer all of them to Gmail at one time with complete accuracy. The application not only performs Kerio to Gmail migration but also enables to move Kerio Connect to Office 365, Exchange Server, G Suite, and more. To understand the process, use freeware version that will help you to explore the whole software functioning.

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Steps to Transfer Kerio to Gmail Account Effortlessly

Step 1. Run Kerio Export Tool on Windows machine.

Step 2. Hit Select File to add required Kerio files or choose Select Folder to add desired Kerio folder that is needed for Kerio Connect to Gmail migration. If you choose I am Converting Multiple users, then the tool will allow migrating multiple Kerio user account mailboxes to Gmail in a single time. Click Next.

launch Kerio Export

Step 3. Software load all Kerio Connect files with checkboxes. Select desired checkbox for selective migration, if needed and click Next.

add Kerio files

Step 4. Select Gmail from Select Saving Option drop-down list.

selective kerio conversion

Step 5. Provide login details, apply filters and click Connect.

Step 6. Software will show connection process.

Step 7. You will see Live Conversion process report on the screen.

Step 8. The whole process ends with a message “Process Completed Successfully”.

Advance Features of Kerio to Gmail Migration Tool

Export Kerio Connect User Mailboxes Entirely

With the help of Kerio to Gmail Tool, a user can smoothly and effortlessly move Kerio Connect emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes etc. without data loss.

Batch transfer Kerio Data to Gmail Account

Kerio Connect to Gmail Tool facilitate to transfer multiple Kerio Connect user account database in a single time.

Migrate Kerio Connect to Gmail Directly

Kerio to Gmail Tool only requires the login details of Gmail account and then it will instantly and directly move all Kerio Connect data files to Gmail within seconds.

Supports 20+ other Popular Saving Options

With Gmail, users will also get other saving options to migrate Kerio Connect user mailboxes. It includes PST, PDF, MSG, EML, MBOX, Exchange Server, G Suite, Office 365 and more.

Preserves Data Integrity and Folder Structure

Kerio to Gmail Tool not only performs the migration task but also allows maintains the metadata properties and folder structure of Kerio Connect during the process.

Offers Advance Filters for Specified Conversion

Kerio Connect to Gmail Tool has multiple filters like date range, to, from and subject for specified conversion.

Creates Log Report of Kerio to Gmail Process

Kerio to Gmail Tool creates log report of migration process. It will show the details such as item count, start time, end time etc.

Download and Use the tool on all Win OS

Kerio Connect to Gmail Tool is capable to download and utilize the app on all versions of Windows OS including Win 10, 8.1, 8 etc.


Is there any free trial available to check the process?

Yes, you can use free demo which helps you to transfer first 25 Kerio Connect files to Gmail free of cost.

Can I directly transfer Kerio Connect user folder to Gmail?

Yes, after adding files on the software using Select Files or Select Folder, you can choose Gmail option, provide your login details and then the tool will start the procedure.

Will my files be safe and preserved during the process?

Yes, your files will be safe and preserved during the process. No alteration will be performed by the tool when migrating Kerio Connect user mailboxes to Gmail.

Can I use the tool to move Kerio data to G Suite?

Yes, you can choose G Suite option if you want to migrate Kerio database into G Suite account.

Is tool is capable to perform batch process?

Yes, you can select the option of I am Converting Multiple Users which is displaying on the first screen. It will help you to implement the batch process at one time with 100% accuracy.


Kerio to Gmail Tool is an amazing solution. It has saved my lot of time and precisely migrated Kerio Connect folders to Gmail directly.

I am very impressed with the working of Kerio Connect to Gmail Tool. In few seconds it has transferred multiple Kerio Connect user account folders to Gmail at one time.


Kerio to Gmail Tool is one of the reliable, trouble-free, secure and easiest way to move Kerio Connect users to Gmail account. All users can use the application and perform the process without taking expertise help. Kerio Export Tool has freeware version using which you can test the process of Kerio to Gmail, Kerio to Office 365, Exchange Server, G Suite, Outlook PST and more.