How to Split VCF File into Multiple Files?

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break vcard files into multiple files

Summary: Do you find it difficult to manage large VCF files? Do you want to split VCF file into multiple files? Don’t worry! Here, you’ll find the finest method for manually and professionally dividing huge vCard files into multiple files.

To keep all the data on their employees, clients, customers, etc., the managers of an entire company unit can initially have a single VCF file. Yet, managing such a large corporation with a single VCF file has been getting more and more difficult recently. In order to quickly separate the contacts based on their requirements or parameters, it becomes necessary to Divide VCF into Several Files. Making manageable vCard contact files also makes it simple to exchange information.

User’s Query –

“Hello, I’m trying to split a single vCard file into multiple contacts files without losing any of their data. I’ve tried a number of the online solutions, but none of them have given me a satisfactory outcome. Therefore, I’m searching for a reliable and trustworthy method to split VCF files all at once.”

Professional Solution to Split vCard into Multiple Contact Files

The best automatic VCF file splitter for your different types of conversion is CubexSoft vCard Converter. This software maintains or protects all the data contained in vCard files and supports all versions of VCF files (vCard 2.1, and vCard 3.0). After conversion, this software preserves the integrity of all the files and keeps the data accurate. Additionally provides you a free demo edition so that you can try out the conversion process before buying the software, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

The procedure of splitting one VCF into multiples is simple with the help of this utility. This software comes with several fantastic capabilities and features. These kinds of situations can be resolved by this software, which is user-friendly and doesn’t require any specialised knowledge.

Software’s Working Guide to Split One VCF Into Multiple Files  

win download buynow

Step 1. Download, install, and open the software to split the vCard file into multiple contacts.

Step 2. Click on Add Files or Add Folders buttons to select VCF files.

Step 3. Now, the software creates a list of selected vCard files in the software interface panel. Choose desired files and click the Next button to continue the process.

Step 4. Now, click on the vCard Split option and choose the desired split option in which you need to break vCard VCF files.

Step 5. Select the destination path according to your need. Then, press the Export button to start the splitting process.

Step 6. The process is finally complete. As soon as the procedure is successfully finished, you will be notified.

Manual Approach to Break VCF Files into Multiple 

In this section of this guide, we will talk about the manual solution to resolve the query to split one VCF into multiple files. If you are looking for a free way then, read this section carefully there are some limitations also which we explained to you after the process. There are two steps in this process. Let’s get straight to the steps.

Phase 1. Convert VCF to into Windows Contact

  1. Go to the “Export Tab” option in the Windows Contact panel.
  2. Now use the “Ctrl” key to pick several files.
  3. Then select the vCard file from the “Export Windows” Contact dialogue box.
  4. Press the “Export Button” to split the VCF file into separate files.
  5. Now select the location for VCF contact files.
  6. The “OK” button should be clicked to save VCF files.

Phase 2. Windows Contact to Single File

After completing the aforementioned step follow the steps one by one which are listed below.

  1. In Windows contacts, click the Export button now. Hold the Down button + CTRL key and select the files.
  2. In the Export Windows Contacts select the vCard folder or click the Export button.
  3. Browse the folder and select the files where your vCard files are placed. And click the OK button.

Limitations of Manual Approaches

The above-listed process is capable and enables you to split one VCF into multiple. This method also includes some limitations and drawbacks.

  • While performing the process, the user needs to type the details and confirmation for each contact in the VCF file.
  • All associated context import processes for a given contact will be stopped at once if you accidentally or purposefully press the cancel button.
  • Through the manual method, you cannot choose and export a particular contact, it will export all the contact every single time.
  • The process takes extra time and effort for the users.
  • Users need deep technical knowledge to perform the complete process.

The Closing Words!

In this article, we have explained the free manual techniques and professional software to split VCF file into multiple file. Users can perform both solutions to comprehensive the VCF splitting process task. However, if you have a lot of VCF data or information, we advise using expert software that can batch split VCF files into separate files.