How to Scan and Repair PST File in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

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Get complete help with PST File Outlook Repair Tool or manual tricks to know about how to scan and repair PST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 in smart way.

MS Outlook is indisputably the most helpful mail client for personal level and it is utilized at the organizations worldwide level. It not only provide lots of highly developed functionalities, but also offers access to crucial mails and important incorporated data & attached files.Even it can be used in the absence of internet connectivity.

Occasionally, the Personal Storage Table (PST) & MS Outlook becomes occupied because of unknown reasons & therefore, it is very important to know about how to scan and repair PST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, methods to avoid the circumstances that may affect the working procedure of Microsoft Outlook.

How to repair Outlook 2016 Data File

There may be lots of reasons which forces unsuitable functionality of MS Outlook mail app. frequently, an Outlook technical error can hamper the flawless functional skills of MS Outlook. Sometimes, PST files failure due to which MS Outlook responds abnormally and doesn’t work properly. If you are also facing any such types of problems then mentioned below workaround may assist you –

  • First of all go with Start menu and go to Control Panel of your computer.
  • After that hit on “Programs ” >> “Programs & Features
  • Search & choose Microsoft Outlook 2016 from the listed programs
  • Hit on Change function
  • Now hit on “Online Repair” / “Quick Repair” & follow guidelines.

The aforementioned steps can assist to solve how to repair Outlook 2016 data file, if any functional issue is occurred with the app. The provided process is safe and doesn’t lead to loss data.

Note –Online Repair function is a reinstall process that doesn’t affect the integral data files and User Settings. Quick Repair analyses, locates & replaces the corrupted & damaged files.

Moreover, if Outlook data file PST has been corrupted, then it can be repaired by ScanPST.exe Tool.

Note: To use ScanPST.exe Tool to repair Outlook PST files, first you are required to close or exit Microsoft Outlook mail client.

How to Repair Outlook Data File 2013

The provided below steps helps to repair Microsoft Outlook installation problem in edition 2013 –

  • Go with Control Panel of your computer and then choose Programs
  • Now go to “Program & Features
  • Find MS Outlook 2013 & click on Change function.
  • Choose the “Repair and Continue” function and follow the options
  • As fix process completes successfully, and then initializes synchronization.

How to Repair Outlook File 2010

  • Go with Control Panel & click on Programs
  • After that choose “Programs & Features
  • Locate & choose the edition of Outlook 2010
  • Now click on Change function and choose Repair & click on continue
  • After that try synchronization process once, the repair Outlook 2010 process is completed.

How to Repair Outlook 2007 Profile

  • Open Microsoft Office 2007 & go to help menu
  • Now hit on Office Diagnostics & click on Continue
  • Then hit on the Start Diagnostics
  • Follow shown prompts to repair Outlook 2007

When the optional procedure to convey MS Outlook back to running function are complicated, it becomes important to know about reasons which are responsible for MS Outlook unsuitable functionality. Let’s focus on these factors systematically.

Reasons to Stop Working Outlook Properly

To know about how to scan and repair PST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, it is vital that one should understand the reasons for corruption &attempt to repair Outlook PST file. It may be failure of storage disk due to hard disk corrupted. Other reason may be damaged devices i.e. routers, hubs, cards, & any other connecting devices.

App regarding problems which add to PST failure should be the system tragedy. Sometimes, Outlook PST data may be lost or corrupted. Its probabilities are that PST files are overwritten by garbage data & it creates file unreadable error. There may be antivirus apps which affect functional parameters of apps so before going with repair Outlook process, should know about the actual cause of Outlook corruption

Responsible Causes behind Outlook PST corruption

Outlook Data file PST corruption is the general issue & important fact is that major concern with the most observation to settle down it. There may be lots of corruption issues of PST corrupt but some reasons are provided below –

  • Over sized PST volume & unusual termination of MS Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook inappropriateness with other apps.
  • Harsh virus / malware infections makes PST to inaccessible mode.

Moreover, a short reflection during opening Microsoft Outlook mail client same as terminating the same that can stop harsh corruption to the incorporated data files or platform.

How to Scan and Repair PST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

Outlook PST corruption may be happen anytime, therefore; our responsibility is to backup Outlook data on regular time, to stop its integrity & preserve workflow. Even manual processes used to repair & fix Outlook PST data, security & integrity of mailbox cannot be certain.

As another solution the most trusted Outlook PST recovery software to repair Outlook PST file. The PST file Outlook Repair Tool fix Outlook corruptions and easily solve how to scan and repair PST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2007 & 2010. The software further repair integrity data items and also save in new PST that can be saved ay any location on your computer hard disk or drive. During the process, all original items will be saved without any change. Lots of reasons to decide on use the software are –

  • Recover accidentally deleted Outlook data emails.
  • Over sized & encrypted PST files can be fixed and repaired.
  • Selective Outlook data file recovery for fixing crucial data while skipping unused data.

Points to observe during Working with Microsoft Outlook

Working timing with MS Outlook 2013, 2016, 2010, 2007, it is important that Outlook runs properly and for that users should some guidelines that are given below –

  • Remain consistent look on the PST file size to stop exceeding stipulated limit.
  • Always maintain regular backup of PST files.
  • Doesn’t exit app incorrectly, follow the proper process to exit from the app.
  • Use reliable anti-virus software on the computer.
  • Close and exit the MS Outlook proceeding to run built-in PST fix operation.

Note – If you need to export Outlook files to other file format then you can rely on the Outlook Converter that can help to export Outlook files directly into lots of formats and apps.