How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Mac Mail? -Perfect Solution

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Are you an Apple Mail user who sends and receives emails using your mail program? But if consumers use a mail client for a long period, it’s extremely likely that their mailbox will include duplicate emails. As a result, not only does the user’s inbox grow significantly, but the Apple Mail client also becomes significantly slower. In response to this issue, we have written this article today, in which you will learn how to delete duplicate emails from an Apple Mail account without affecting any genuine emails.

If you’re seeking for a manual way to remove identical emails from Mac Mail, we’re sorry to inform you that there isn’t one. If the answer is yes, but there aren’t many duplicate emails there, you can delete them one at a time. However, if you have duplicate emails in large quantities, a professional approach is required in that case. Let’s get right to it and learn how to delete duplicate emails from your Apple Mail account.

Advance Tool MBOX Duplicate Eliminator to Remove Duplicate MBOX Emails

CubexSoft MBOX Duplicate Remover Software is a professional way to remove duplicate emails from Apple Mail. This program can remove duplicate emails from Mac Mail accounts in bulk without affecting genuine emails. If you use a manual solution, deleting duplicate emails one by one will take a lot of time and effort; however, if you use an automatic solution, you can finish this operation quickly. It’s as simple as transferring a file from one folder to another to use this Apple Mail duplicate email remover program.

Download and set up the ideal solution to remove the duplicate MBOX file that is compatible with all versions of Windows. Mac Mac Duplicate Eliminator Tool enables users to quickly delete duplicate MBOX emails at once. Users can directly remove their duplicate MBOX data with the use of this Eliminator Tool. Without encountering any issues. All users, including those with only rudimentary computer experience and professionals, use this software.

This incredible tool supports a variety of email clients, including Thunderbird, Gmail, Opera Mail, Apple Mail, and many others. The first 25 MBOX emails can be deleted for free with the Get Free version. Following thorough approval, you can access the licensing edition.

Note: There are three steps you must take to get rid of duplicate emails in your Apple Mail account, and we’ve detailed those steps below.

Method 1: Getting MBOX Files from Apple Mail

You must first create .mbox files using Apple Mail before uploading them to the software if you wish to use it. You may be wondering how it will occur at this point; don’t worry we have listed the steps below.

1. Create an Apple Mail account on your computer first.

2. Next, choose the Export Mailbox option from the context menu when you right-click on the folder you wish to export.

3. Then, select the desired place for the generated file and click the Choose button to finish.

Important Note: Now you have the MBOX emails in your Apple Mail mailbox. Now let us see how to remove duplicate emails from Mac Mail account.

Method 2: How to Perform Mac Mail Duplicate Email Remover Application?

Step 1: Download and install the program on your Windows computer first. Open it next to run the Apple Mail file duplication removal procedure.

Step 2: You have two options for loading Mac Mail files and folders after you launch the application.

Step 3: To continue, select “Next” after checking or unchecking the relevant Apple Mail file data that appears on the software’s panel.

Step 4: Depending on your requirements, choose between “Search Duplicate across the Folder(s)” and “Search Duplicate within the Folder(s)”.

Step 5: To delete duplicate Mac Mail emails, set and use sophisticated filtering parameters.

Step 6: Choose the location you want to save the files that will be generated. To begin eliminating duplicate Apple Mail mailboxes, click the Extract option after that.

Step 7: Wait for the screen to ultimately provide a confirmation notice. To complete, press the “OK” button.

You are now looking for instructions on how to return this file to Mac Mail. Therefore, you need not worry as you are currently on the CubexSoft site where you will find the precise technique to import the generated emails to your Apple Mail account.

Instant Approach for Export MBOX to PDF, PST, EMLX, MSG, and EML – Professional Solution

If you want to Convert MBOX Emails into Any Format then you can try the below solution

The MBOX Importer utility must be used by users first. All users have access to a significant platform through the program to convert MBOX files. Every time, a good result is given because the application fully scans and previews every MBOX file. Users encounter no difficulties when converting their MBOX files. Users can convert their MBOX files into PST, EMLX, MSG, and EML using the application. The program converts MBOX files into a variety of email clients. This incredible tool also supports other email clients, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, WLM, and many others.

The software gives users a result that is secure and safe. This incredible application makes it simple to preview and convert MBOX files of any size. It is a straightforward program that the app may use while also maintaining the MBOX files’ quality. The program is completely Windows-based and open to all users. Additionally, the files’ compatibility is unmatched. This incredible program converts all MBOX files with perfect correctness. The utility immediately converts each MBOX file.

#3: How Do I Import My Mailbox Into My Apple Mail Account?

To import duplicate elimination files to your Apple Mail account, download any other program. You can finish this process in a matter of seconds, so it won’t take you long.

  • To start with, on your platform, sign in to your Mac Mail account, and then select File from the menu bar.
  • Choose the Files in MBOX format option from the drop-down menu after choosing the Import Mailboxes option.
  • After that, look through the Duplicate Removal file and choose Continue.


You can read how to delete duplicate emails from your Apple Mail account in this article without losing any attachments or accurate emails. If you want to successfully remove duplicate emails from Mac Mail, you must follow our approach step-by-step. If you skip any steps, your file will not be correct. If you are still reading this post, it means that you liked our answer. If so, you can download the software’s demo edition and give it a try.