How to Migrate Outlook 2016 to Mac Mail?

Ritu Roy | Cloud Backup Email Conversion Software | 5 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

Emails are playing a vital role in all around the world. And, there are n numbers of email applications available in a marketplace which are affordable by lots of organizations and normal person for their personal use. But if you had ever noticed that Windows Outlook and Apple Mail in Mac are so much popular email platforms for using and managing the data now a days. Microsoft Outlook is a common email application that is also a part of Microsoft office suite which is used for storing receiving and sending of emails from one place to another. This email client also known as Personal Information Manager. It allows the user to create and organize contacts, calendars, tasks and the personal journal also.

Well! Many companies take a help from Microsoft Outlook email client to coordinate meetings and for some other works. But what if the user or any company planned to switch Windows machine to Mac machine due to some serious issue? For this they must have to perform Outlook data file to Apple Mail migration process. The conversion from Outlook (.pst) to Apple Mail is not an easy for anyone because Outlook supports .pst file format to store the database and on other side Mac Mail save their data in .mbox file format. Take a look on the given below query which mostly asked by the different users.

User Query

I have been using the Microsoft Outlook email client on my Windows 10 machine. Currently I bought a Mac Book Pro for improved my email communication channel. And, now I want to convert my data from Outlook application to Apple Mail. Please guide me properly so that I can solve the issue of “how to migrate from Outlook app to Mac Mail” as I don’t know about Mac Mail and the way to transfer Outlook Data about 5GB with attachments, formatting etc. to Apple Mail.

Not to worry anymore if you are facing the same above mentioned issue, just read out this post at the end because here I will disclose the best solutions for user which is well-capable to implement the Outlook emails to Apple Mail Conversion process without any trouble. Let’s start, the brief discussion about the solution.

How to Migrate Email from Outlook Folder to Apple Mail Free?

As I had already discussed above, that Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail not use the same file format. And, that’s the main reason we have to download Thunderbird email client which will play a middle role during the conversion process. Don’t worry Thunderbird email client can be simply downloaded from the Internet at free of cost. So before directly jump to migrate from Windows Outlook application to Apple Mail, make sure that you have Thunderbird app. And, then follow all the three steps for Outlook folder to Mac Mail conversion which are described below:

Step 1: Transfer Data from Microsoft Outlook Application to Thunderbird App

  1. Install Thunderbird email client, and directly hit on Tools -> Import.
  2. From the Import window, prefer Mail option and go on Next tab.
  3. Now, choose the type of file that you would like to import field, choose Outlook. If the import is effective, the system shows the following message: “Mail was successfully imported from Outlook”
  4. In Thunderbird application, hit Local Folders -> Outlook Import. The Outlook Import folder keeps the complete data in the exact folder hierarchy as you see it in the Microsoft Outlook window.
  5. Now, right-click on Outlook Import folder and press on Properties.
  6. Go to the General Information tab, and make a note of the file path at the Location.
  7. In this, you have to directly go with the Outlook Import folder location and just copy the Outlook Import.sbd folder to the Desktop or some other common location.
  8. Now on this stage you have perfectly converted your Microsoft Outlook files to a format which is well-supported by Apple Mail email client, the next step is to migrate all these files from your Windows system to your Mac machine.
  9. In this, you have to copy the Outlook Import.sbd folder into storage device (USB) and then transfer it to Mac easily or you can share the files between Mac and Windows by given below method. To follow this task, ensure that you have perfectly downloaded Windows Migration Assistant from Apple support website. This application supports you convert music, pictures, and another data files from Windows to Mac machine.

Step 2: Migrate Emails from Windows to Mac System

First, Just connect your Windows and Mac machines to the same network connection.

  1. On the Windows machine, shut all the other applications and download Windows Assistant Manager.
  2. From the Migration Assistant window, go to the Start button.
  3. On the Mac machine, shut all open applications, then hit Utilities -> Migration Assistant.
  4. Go to the Migration Assistant window on your Mac, choose From a Windows PC and press on Continue tab. Fill your administrator credentials and press Continue.
  5. Choose your Windows machine from the given list of available machines displayed on the Mac. The system will shows a pass-code for your Windows machine on the Transfer Information to this Mac.
  6. After confirming the pass-code on both these machines, again go and press Continue button.
  7. Now the Mac scans the list of folders that can be converted from your Windows machine, after that choose the Outlook Import.sbd folder that you had saved on your Desktop or some other selected location.
  8. After this process is finish, shut your Windows Migration Assistant on your Windows machine and enter into your Mac.
  9. After you approve your iTunes account, you can view the folder which you moved from your Windows machine.
  10. And lastly, when you’ve moved all your emails from Windows to Mac machine, you can easily continue to convert data from Outlook mailbox to Apple Mail.

Step 3: Shift Outlook Import Folder to Apple Mail Email Client

  1. Install Apple Mail email client, press File -> Import Mailboxes.
  2. From the Import window, choose the Thunderbird app and click Continue tab.
  3. Insert the path of the Outlook Import folder and choose Outlook Import.sbd. If the complete process will be successfully complete, then the system will shows the following message:
    You can find the imported mailboxes in the folder named “Import” in the mailboxes list”.
  4. After getting this message, just press Done.
  5. Finally, the process is finished, so just go and access the Outlook data in Apple Mail email client.


From the above explanatory discussion, I hope you will understand the complete procedure to solve the problem of how to migrate from Outlook app to Mac Mail. This method can be perfect for user as it is available at free of cost. And, if the user think that it is too much lengthy procedure which can affect your precious time and energy then you can prefer Outlook to Mac Mail Tool. It gives an instant working guide which supports to transfer unlimited Outlook data to Apple Mail application using a few clicks. In order to addition, you can try it free to know about the complete software.