How to Export Emails from Mac Outlook 2016 to PST Format?

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This complete blog is all about to solve users problem of how to export emails from Mac Outlook 2016 to PST file format without any single error. Well! We observe that there are n numbers of Mac Outlook 2016 users who want to access their OLM files into Windows Outlook application and that’s why they are looking for a better and safe solution to solve it. IF you are also the same kind of user, then all you need to follow this post that will provide different solutions available in a marketplace so that you can choose any of the one as per the requirement. So, keep reading…

Before to directly go to discuss about the solutions, let’s take a smooth start with the various reasons that force the user to perform OLM to PST conversion process.

Reasons to Perform Mac Outlook OLM to PST Conversion

There can be any reason that force users to convert OLM files to PST format. Some of the basic reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Change of the organization.
  2. Change of the working strategy.
  3. Upgrade or change the machine.
  4. Working on the various machines at a time.
  5. To access Mac Outlook data into Windows machine.

Different Techniques for Mac Outlook 2016 Export Emails to PST

In this section, we are going to discuss the techniques available to solve your issue of how to export emails from Mac Outlook 2016 to PST file format. Well! There are two techniques available i.e. manual method and professional method. So, go through with the methods one by one and make your decision safe.

Solution 1#. Manual Method  

The manual method comes with the so many steps to perform Mac Outlook 2016 export emails to PST process. If you want manual method to solve your issue, then you have to follow all the steps that are described below:

  1. Start the Mac Outlook 2016 application and follow the tabs: File >> Export
  2. It opens Outlook Export Wizard, you need to enable the radio option of ‘Outlook for Mac Data File’ and press on the right arrow.
  3. Select an option, whether it’s to delete items after moving or not, and press on the right arrow. Warning: Before following this step, save a backup of the original OLM files, becasue data could be lost during export process.
  4. Fill the name and location of the OLM files and press Save button.
  5. Once the export process is complete, the user will get a pop-up of confirmation for the process completion.
  6. Now, in Outlook for Mac application, go to hit on Outlook Preferences.
  7. Choose Accounts from the preferences window.
  8. Press on the Add tab to expand the menu and select E-mail from the available list.
  9. After that you can type the ID and password of your Gmail account and press Add Account.
  10. Now, user’s will get the confirmation of the configuration of the Gmail account in Mac Outlook application.
  11. For importing the OLM file, press on New Folder option available in the configured Gmail account.
  12. And, rename the folder you have selected and then, go to the options: File >> Import.
  13. In this Import Wizard, select ‘Outlook Data File’ and go to press on the right arrow.
  14. Select the Outlook for Mac Data File option and then again go with the right arrow.
  15. Now, choose the OLM file that you have taken in the above steps and then, hit on the Import button.
  16. In this, you will get the message i.e. ‘Import Complete’ to confirm the import process.
  17. Upon coming back to the Outlook for Mac, select all the imported messages.
  18. Now, go with right click and then, Move >> Choose Folder.
  19. Enter the folder name or choose the Mac OLM file folder, and then hit on the Move tab.
  20. Now, all the selected email messages will be successfully moved into the Gmail account that the user has configured in Mac Outlook.
  21. Finally, start Windows Outlook application in the targeted machine and configure the same Gmail account in it. Upon completion, a user can see the OLM data files that got transferred properly.

Solution 2#. Professional Method – OLM to PST Converter

Under the professional method, users can take the benefit of OLM to PST Converter program which is the direct technique available for how to export emails from Mac Outlook 2016 to PST format with all attachments. Also, this solution provide very simplest working guide which can quickly perform OLM to PST conversion process without any problem. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Download and open OLM to PST Tool on Windows PC
  2. Add the files using Select File/Select Folder. Hit Next
  3. Choose folders from left panel and hit Next button
  4. Select PST format and insert destination to save OLM files
  5. Finally, go to hit on the Convert tab which begins the conversion
  6. Collect the successful message and hit OK to finish the process.

Manual Method VS Professional Method

The Verge

After going through with the complete material about how to export emails from Mac Outlook 2016 to PST format, it is observes that the manual method comes with many limitations so it advisable to go with the professional solution. And, before to opt professional solution, you can use it with the help of free demo facility. The free OLM Converter edition can export your first 25 OLM files to PST format at free of cost. Then, you can purchase its license edition.