How to Export Disconnected Exchange Mailbox to PST Outlook?

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Looking a way to export disconnected mailbox from Exchange to PST! If yes, then no need to go anywhere, the blog is here to provide the different methods that can be used accordingly to export disconnected mailbox Exchange in an accurate way.

A disconnected Exchange mailbox signifies orphaned mailbox that is not linked/connected to Active Directory user account. Whenever Exchange administrators delete or disable mailbox from EAC or from Exchange management shell by utilizing Disable-Mailbox or Remove-Mailbox cmdlet, the mailbox will disabled for a month and later permanently deleted if not removed manually. Therefore, until expiry of retention period, the mailbox remain present in the database. Such kind of mailbox is known as disconnected mailbox.

Note: Try method using solution EDB File Repair to export disconnected mailbox Exchange to PST and other file types accurately.

Different Types of Disconnected Mailboxes

According to the type of act implemented on Exchange mailbox, two types of disconnected mailboxes present i.e. Disabled mailboxes and Deleted mailboxes.

Disabled Mailboxes:

When disabling Exchange mailbox using command Disable-Mailbox cmdlet, then only the mailbox will delete not related Active Directory user profile.

Deleted Mailboxes:

When deleting Exchange mailbox by using Remove-Mailbox cmdlet, then both i.e. user mailbox as well as AD user profile gets delete.

Soft Deleted Mailboxes:

A mailbox that transferred to different Exchange mailbox database also preserved in mailbox database throughout expiry of deleted mailbox item retaining period. This represented as soft-deleted mailbox.

Export Mail from Disconnected Exchange Mailbox

One can restore Exchange disconnected mailbox from Exchange DB before it gets removed or retaining period of deleted mailbox item is over. Here given some commands to perform the same:

  1. To give export rights to user account, run the command given in Exchange Management Shell:
New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role “Mailbox Import Export” –User <username>


New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role “MailboxImportExport” –User Admin
  1. Generate network share for Exchange Trusted Subsystem with full permissions granted. The mailbox will exported to this location as PST file.
  2. Run New-Mailbox Export Request command to move database mails to temp database:
New-MailboxRestoreRequest –SourceStoreMailbox “<StoreMailboxldParameter>” –SourceDatabase <Database Parameter> -TargetMailbox “<MailboxOrMailUserIdParameter>” –AllowLegacyDNMismatch


New-MailboxRestoreRequest –SourceStoreMailbox “Check Mailbox1 –SourceDatabase CheckDatabase –TargetMailbox “Check Mailbox2” – AllowLegacyDNMismatch
  1. Export mailbox by running the given command:
New-MailboxExportRequest –Mailbox < MailboxName > -FilePath “<PST file Path>


New-MailboxExportRequest –Mailbox < MailboxName> -FilePath “<PST file Path>

After the successful execution of Export command, the mailbox will be saved at required destination path as a PST file. The same can be moved to another location and associated data can be opened as well as viewed in Outlook anytime.

Export Exchange Disconnected Mailbox into PST

Implementing the process of exporting disconnected Exchange mailbox requires good technical knowledge. A small mistake can cause severe data loss. Thus, to avoid such issues, it is better to try third party automated EDB Recovery utility that allows to easily export disconnected Exchange mailboxes EDB to PST in a bulk without giving any data loss trouble. Follow the steps to export disconnected Exchange mailbox into Outlook PST:

Step 1. Download, run and open the application on the system.

launch EDB to Outlook

Step 2. Select and add desired EDB file for conversion into PST.

Load EDB Files

Step 3. Preview data of EDB file before initiating export process.

View EDB File Data

Step 4. Click Export to start the process immediately.

Export EDB File to PST

Final Words

The blog has discussed multiple methods to export disconnected Exchange mailbox into Outlook PST. The steps are implementable for all versions of Exchange i.e. Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 etc. Manual Method can be executed but bounded with lot of limitations whereas third party automated solution is reliable, secure and perform the entire process within seconds without any data loss.